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238: National Pornographic

Topics: Girl sex talk; Usher sex tape; Deadbeat dad; Ne-yo; Kobe on Tim Duncan; Wedding dress uses; Devon Still; At the Golden Corral

Singles: It Kills Me. Wasted. Hard. I Am. Let Me Love You. U Don’t Know Me. O. Truth Is. Hot Boyz. Bring It All To Me. Thank God I Found You. Got To Get It. Creep. Get Down. Woman to Woman. You Want This.

Albums: Controversy Sells; The Foundation; Guy III Hot: Do I Speak For The World; We Are The Streets; Voodoo Hot: Get It On…Tonight; Wreckx-n-Effect

Television: Ace Ventura cartoon ends; BET debuts as a program block on Nickelodeon

Iraqi elections; We Are The World recorded

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