308: Lucious is Gawd

Topics: Empire recap, Trump wants Jeb to speak American, deputy’s mistress comes forward as a witness, drugs dropped on a house, animal crush fetish leads to jail time, Sandra Bland memorial, fan kicked out of Steelers game because of a tweet, porn actress saves a bull, Miss Nevada’s breaks the law again, small town blues, how to get married,


Martin EoW: Ring a Ding, Ring Gone


Sept 27 – Oct. 3 Singles: DEUCES. Bottoms Up. Holding You Down. No Hands. GOLD DIGGER. Soul Survivor. Charlie Last Name: Wilson. Lighters Up. LIAR. Shake Ya Ass. Open My Heart. I Wish. FANTASY. I Hate U. Tell Me. Sugar Hill. Albums: The Peoples Champ. Beware of Dog. Let’s Get Ready. Shyne. Celebrate! Kurtis Blow. Movies: The Social Network. Remember the Titans. Television: Debuts: MacGyver Birthdays: 30 – Calvin Johnson, T- Pain; 50 – Steve Kerr; 55 – Semmie DeSuora OJ found not guilty.


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