4: Greek Groupies on

The Doc is joined by Nikki T, MJ, Libra Leigh, & Mr. Wash for a Visa Versa mixed with Kurupt influenced discussion.

Topics: Blake Griffin in his Barry suit Technical Gangstas The second censoring of the show SMH Stuntin’ with the tax refund on facebook MJ snitches on himself The facebook beef over a wedding Fight Nigga! Fight! Re-creation of self The “virgin” on Rikki Lake So you don’t give a fuck? The Doc is not fighting Mike Tyson #TeamiDOgiveafuck “Real”ity TV Liba Leigh lost us all with the BBWives recap Hoopz on the next season of BBWives Basketball Jumpoffs & Baby Mamas Fraternity Groupies now casting BET pulls the switch-a-roo with Centric Bring back The Box The Game on the EBT network Mr. Wash has an issue with Jessie, Tavis, & Cornell The Shuck & Jive Cornell needs the Al Sharpton perm Yo hairline gettin the “Detox” pushback MJ offends Kim Kardashian The President is not against same-sex marriage, so what? Playing craps with your religion A new marriage decree The civil union to keep the benefits The results of divorce These niggas happy that Boosie got off Penal system reform

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