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A Five Actress Highlight

Who to Watch for in 2023

I went out to pull five shows and a movie that will be airing this year that will put on to some Black faces giving you some more looks. Expand the horizons for the new year.

Scroll Wheel of Time

The idea of a rap duo who gets to meet artist who can influence their music is a great idea, but what about adding time travel to allow to two to travel to the time in which those artist created their iconic hits? That is the reported premise behind this upcoming project. Look out for Laci Mosley taking a lead role in this adventure that does not have a release date set at this time. Tawny Newsome, (2023 #14), is featured in an episode as Mariah Carey.

The Game Season 2

The comedic series was revamped by Paramount+, and the only link to the CW/BET show is Tasha Mack (Wendy Raquel Robinson). Season 2 takes up the conflict of a player strike. Tasha’s role is unclear based on the trailer, and until I catch up, you will have to check it out for yourself. Shannon Kane (2023 #84) has a recurring part this season after parlaying a feature on Hulu’s Reasonable Doubt series. You could also check out Adriyan Rae taking a leading spot as Brittany Pitts.

Black Diamond


Netflix took the heist genre to a new level with this joint. How you consume it is completely determined by the order in which you watch the episodes. YOU and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s Tati Gabrielle(2023 #96) lands on the screen as part of a mind-bending trip through a story that spans nearly a decade of the planning, execution, and fall out of a serious heist. The random order of the episodes will skew your view of her, Hannah, motivations and actions leading up to the intended finale where everything is revealed in the segment titled White.

Bel-Air Season 2

The All-American story took some dark turns for the kids of South Crenshaw and Beverly, but Bel-Air took those turns and ran like Bo Jackson in the King Dome. The 90’s kids were not ready for this realistic telling of a West Philly kid relocating to the west coast. Not lost in the initial push back against the reimagined cast was the fact that we were given our third version of Aunt Viv. This time Cassandra Freeman (2023 #59) took the mantle of the Banks family matriarch, who had a flair for the arts much like the OG Viv. Get ready to dive back into the season by end of February as it seems that much more of LA will be incorporated into the series. Your love for the sisters will continue to be satisfied with Hilary (Coco Jones), Lisa (Simone Joy Jones), and Vy (April Parker Jones) all slated to return for season 2.

Snowfall Final Season

John Singleton’s vision has left us with a lot to take in over the past 6 seasons. It all comes to a close this year with us finding out what will be Franklin’s fate. For you actress watchers, this series has given us Louie, Sissy Saint, and my favorite, Wanda. Personally, I slowed up on the show around season 4, but the plan is to be caught up by the time the final body drops on this story. Since I’ve fallen off, recurring characters like Christine Horn’s (2023 #8) Black Diamond have come on the scene.


Black Diamond