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Black Wrestla’ Recap 1/14


The promoters that are have a high regard for Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush. His busy night kicked off with a backstage fracas between Lashley and Seth Rollins that we caught in progress. The show would go on to the next segment with the franchise, John Cena, and Rush would interrupt to air the grievances of Bobby Lashley. The riot that ensued resulted in a six-man tag match where Lashley was teamed with Drew McIntyre and Dean Ambrose. Their opponents were some of the top performers on the roster in Cena, Rollins, and Finn Balor. If that wasn't enough, Lashley would return to close the show with Ambrose and Rollins when he interfered in their Intercontinental title main event.

Ronda Rousey had Sasha Banks' name all on her lips as Alexa Bliss discussed her next challenger. Banks was more than welcoming to the idea, but Nia Jax felt some type of way, and since this fresh start is about earning and not being given, the two would compete for the opportunity. Without selling Nia too short, Sasha would get a hard-earned submission victory to take her to the Royal Rumble as the number one contender and setting up the storyline I feel we will see paid off at Wrestlemania.

There must be something to the mixed tag match bookings even if it's just a means to get more face time for superstars. Normally, I would see an Apollo Crews appearance in this situation as a gimmick book, but seeing as he was paired with Ember Moon, who has been hot, it can only be a good sign. The team of Alicia Fox and Jinder Mahal were on the opposite side of the ring for what ended up being a squash match. Fox gave the super sell of the Eclipse for bonus points.

SmackDown Live

One week removed from being defeated off a distraction, Naomi is still trying to drive the point home that Jimmy Uso is off limits. Mandy Rose ran her own variety of interference on the Usos title qualifying match just before catching the hands of the Mrs. backstage. Naomi would hold her own for longer than expected signifying her level of frustration. I real nice spin on this confrontation would be an ally for Naomi who would be all about the sisterhood.


Taking the bait, Ricochet would accept Johnny Gargano's challenge for the North American title. Too bad for him that the happenings on the ramp caught his attention because Gargano would superkick the champ as soon as Ricochet remembered that he was not alone in the ring.

Already set for TakeOver, Bianca Belair would face off against one of the top women in NXT, Nikki Cross. It was earlier last year when these two were teased to have a heated rivalry, but somewhere in there the "un-de-feat-ed" hype of Belair caught on. This was a thrilling contest; it still felt cheaper than what they could have displayed on a larger scale. Eh, maybe some time down the line.

It's a new year, and the Street Profits are back making plans for a great year. I know I mentioned them doing the same last year and then complained some time later when it didn't seem as if they were getting any traction. To their credit, they are the Evolve tag champs.

I didn't know that Keith Lee and Matt Riddle were that cool, but Lee vowed to get some retribution on his friend's behalf soon.

205 Live

The final match for the big Cruiserweight Championship fatal four-way was the main event this week. Once they showed the qualified participants, I already figured Cedric Alexander didn't have a chance against Hideo Itami. That doesn't mean that I couldn't be fooled. I don't who was at fault, but at no point was I convinced that Alexander would shock the world and make off to Phoenix. It wasn't quite a clean win, but it wasn't too dirty either.

Ring of Honor

The high-speed action returned in what has been an ongoing feud between SoCal Uncensored and the Briscoes. The long-reigning champs defended their titles against their old foes but not without some smoke and mirrors. Scorpio Sky was the first victim of a chair shot not soon after the ref was taken out; he would pop back up and hit of his high wire moves before being deposited back outside the ring. SCU would fall short again, and I'm interested in knowing what this means for the future for Sky. A lot has changed recently, and he's in the mix with guys moving on from ROH.