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Black Wrestla’ Recap 1/15

I am a day late but still have all my dollars intact. Here’s who did what this week in wrestling.


Titus Worldwide got a win! They defeated The Bar; they still look like they’re about to shoot that scene though. Nothing new from that front.


Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable are going more World’s Second Greatest Tag Team than American Alpha 2.o. Gable is the new Haas with the aid of Benjamin’s experience. I don’t think this would have happened as smoothly with Jason Jordan.


Speaking of Jordan, he’s smelling himself now that he’s a champ again. The Champion’s Club was such a Jordan thing to say, plus he was the one who talked up the match with the reunited Balor Club. JJ also gave the assist to the Club by being a hot head and getting the ref out of position time and time again.


There will be a number one contenders’ match this week between the Authors of Pain and the Street Profits thus fulfilling the prophecy that there will be an elevation in the level of competition for the Profits.


Thank you. Thank you for the Velveteen Dream returning. He may have missed his opportunity to get a title shot; it doesn’t matter because he is back.


Hats off to Ring of Honor TV. They opened the show with a four-star Jay Lethal match. Caprice Coleman interviewed Johnathan Gresham and he was a straight dirt bag for the high chair. Kenny King announced his retribution tour following his win off a springboard blockbuster. Scorpio Sky even made an appearance. That was a BWR worthy show.


I don’t remember much of Bayley being involved in the women’s tag match featuring her and Sasha Banksfacing Absolution. Sasha seemed to do the brunt of the work and take the bulk of the bumps. This match did not do much to further any of the angles in the women’s division. Absolution took the loss; we heard more about the women’s rumble; and Paige did not compete. That seemed to cover everything.


The time for the cruiserweight title to change hands has not arrived just yet. At the same time, Cedric Alexander is still on a roll. He scored a count out victory over the Realest Champ in the Room now that he’s back from his flu bug. Tony Nese caught the fade the following night trying to prove something to Enzo. Add two more big spots to Alexander’s record.


There was a Nia Jax appearance somewhere other than next to Enzo. Jax jumped Asuka from behind because she was led to believe the Empress had some negative words to say about her. Stay tuned for more from this duo.


I remember seeing Naomi come down during the Becky Lynch/Ruby Riott match, but that was it.