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Black Wrestla’ Recap 10/1

Ring of Honor

The week opened with Kenny King returning to the Recap in a televised match with Adam Page. Allow me to make note that Caprice Coleman has been sitting in on commentary and being very low key. King made his way to the ring with a pair of pool inflatables. That should have been the first sign that these two were about to put on a show. The show spilled to ringside, and King took to some fan engagement taking pics and all. Page responded with a running shooting star press and followed suit with the pic with the same fan. The inflatables eventually came into play before the two trade rollups ending with King pulling the tights into the win.

The main event comes together after last week’s fracas involving Jonathan Gresham, Jay Lethal, Silas Young, and Bully Ray. The “two realest men in ROH” were evenly matched out the gate; Gresham wanted to get even with Bully but would have to wait when Young was tagged in early. After some back and forth, Gresham took time to get at Bully about avoiding him and slapped him in the face just to drive the point home. Coleman wasn’t low key behind that either; the guy lost his shit! Lethal and Gresham worked like a well-oiled machine with a double suplex, double suicide dive, the “Wazzzzup”, and a combo diving elbow/shooting star press. It was all for not because Bully pushed Lethal into Gresham on the pin attempt to give Young the opening he needed to put the upstarts away.


It was rematch time, but first, we had to get down to the business of the Kevin Owens Show with Elias as the musical act. Owens invited Lio Rush as his guest for the evening, yet Rush knew not to venture down to the ring alone and declined the invite. Owens and Elias cracked a few short jokes before Rush announced Bobby Lashley was on his way to get his payback. Lashley and Elias danced for a bit until the attention was turned to Lio; KO would chase Rush through and around the ring until he accidentally kicked Lashley causing the DQ. Rush would get cornered again before Lashley came to his hype man’s aid for yet another week.

Alicia Fox made two appearances on the show; first, she accompanied Jinder Mahal, her Mixed Match partner, for his match with Finn Balor. She did not mesh too well with Sunil and eventually would cost Jinder his match. Her second appearance came when she challenged Nia Jax in a one-on-one match. Of course, Fox’s entourage was larger with Mickie James and Alexa Bliss being too much for Ember Moon. Jax easily dispatched her opponent to then celebrate with Ember.

SmackDown Live

The show opened with one of the most entertaining segments in a while. R-Truth and Carmella occupied the ring for the newly acquired TruthTV; the show’s first guest would be Daniel Bryan to discuss his rivalry with the Miz. When the Miz comes to air his grievance to the fact that Truth hijacked his show, Truth reminded him that the show’s rights were lost by the Miz in his main event match against R-Truth a few weeks prior. The Miz declined the invite to win his show back. That decision would be reversed when Paige decided not to intervene in the matter. Truth TV wouldn’t make it through the night when the Miz ended the contest with a Skull Crushing Finale

The New Day promised not to resort to their old ways and tease The Bar. The thing is that Sheamus and Cesaro were not feeling the #SaySomethingNiceChallenge. The two “powerhouses” faced off to get us prepared for the tag title match in a few days. Big E was able to showcase all of his standard moves. Sheamus took advantage of the openings and brought home a second straight win for the Bar.

Prior to the show, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose found time to step to the new team of Naomi and Asuka. Naomi stole Deville’s tagline and told the two to “put their hair up and square up.” The IIconics, seeing this as an opportunity worth viewing, made their way to the ring to speak on their Super Showcase opponents. Naomi’s lights and music would interrupt them before they could even get a word out. Once the bell rang, it was pretty much all Naomi and Asuka. The Empress of Tomorrow picked up her first win of the night when she put Rose away.

Mixed Match Challenge

The menu served more Alicia Fox out the gate. She had to put her Raw partnership with Mickie James on hold for the night. Sunil Singh was not her biggest fan, though. Meanwhile, Bobby Lashley joins his new partner with Lio Rush in tow. Rather, he towed James to the ring on his shoulders. Jinder and Bobby started the match with a series of mini-contests that included a pushup challenge. Rush was eventually challenged by Singh, which resulted in a chase from Mahal. That chase was promptly ended by Lashley’s vertical suplex and a 3-count. Following the match, Alicia wanted no parts of Mahal and Singh’s mantra.

Truth TV was seemingly back on the table in the second contest of the night. The Fabulous Truth finished up their pre-match performance and waited for Awe-Ska. We also saw our second Seven Second Dance Break after Truth planted the Miz. This time, Asuka joined the fun with her own jig. Later on, Miz and Asuka would have words outside the ring while Truth and Mella continued the party inside. It was closing time when Mella tapped to Asuka to give the Empress the second win of the night.

205 Live

The time for talking and running was over for Lio Rush. Drake Maverick booked the new manager in a match with the Scottish Supernova, Noam Dar. Rush turned on Dar’s aggression with a slap to the face before the bell even sounded. That aggression did not check up throughout the match. It was that very thing that cost Dar the match. Rush caught him with a wicked roundhouse kick and the Final Hour to continue his win streak.


The Mighty gave the Street Profits to get serious when they made their way to the ring carrying the gear belonging to the Sultans of Swag. Shane Thorn flashed Montez Ford’s chain and got the other end of Angelo Dawkins’s fist. This serious Profits team made for some good spots, especially Ford’s dive to take out Thorn then leap to avoid Nick Miller. The Mighty eventually isolated Ford from his partner to score another win in the series of matches between the two teams.

Lucha Underground

Ivelise was invited to join XO Lishus and Joey Ryan on a Trios team to go after the titles. They got their shot this week to get the Reptile Tribe in the ring. XO wouldn’t get in the ring until it was time to handle Kobra Moon; he wouldn’t bring too much of a spark to the contest but did land some mean kicks. Overall, Jeremiah Snake took out all three of the team members at some point. Oh, the White Rabbit also made an appearance before the match and was more than happy to intervene when the challengers fell short of their quest for gold.