Black Wrestla’ Recap 10/8

Ring of Honor

The week kicked off with an intense four corner match featuring Shane Taylor, Eli Isom, Chris Sabin, and Flip Gordon. Taylor bullied everybody in the ring from the jump. The enforcer dropped a huge cannonball off the apron before the commercial break. Sabin and Gordon tried their hardest to get the big man off the match, but it was Isom who powered him up for a strong Samoan drop. His other opponents would spoil his moment only for a little while because it was Isom with the surprising win in this action-packed event.


The words of Elias and Kevin Owens made it an uphill battle for Bobby Lashley. The heat from the Seattle crowd was so hot that even Lio Rush wasn’t enough to appease them. Rush pushed through the introduction as best he could, but it was noticeable that the crowd threw him off. Lashley opened the match with sheer dominance. Elias would finally get his hands on the elusive Lio Rush long enough to distract Bobby. KO went on to roll up Lashley; the post-match beatdown of Lashley and Rush set up the drama for the Super Showdown match in the coming days.

When it’s “Hey Alicia” time, I’ve got to put my side projects on pause. She and Bayley would dance in the final match of the night in what would be a promo for the Mixed Match Challenge. For all the antics that Alicia Fox is known for, her ring skills pretty much mirror them. I also caught she hit that running knee that signature to Jinder Mahal. The dysfunction within Mahalicia continued because Jinder’s attempt to intervene ended up being the reason Bayley was able to land her finisher and get the win.

SmackDown Live

The Fabulous Truth didn’t get enough stage time last week, so this they’re back to open the show this go around. Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega found their way on the opposite side of the ring and playing the role of the spoilers. R. Truth stepped in the ring to show us he can still match tempo with these younger guys. The antics were more the same even down to the upstaging of Traquilo. By the end of the match, it would be time for Carmella to shine for her team.

We never got a chance to hear the buttery voice of Mr. Bootyworth because the Bar was not having any of the New Day’s pancake segment. A two on three sneak attack with a side of batter  was on the menu in these final moments before the tag title match at the Super Show Down.

The Miz took credit for finding Shelton Benjamin credible competition; he only asked Benjamin to send a statement to Daniel Bryan in return for the favor. Knowing the possibilities of a Shelton and Bryan showdown, this match left much to be desired. Miz’s eventual involvement wasn’t even a big deal for me. Matter of fact, I welcomed it. Benjamin would score a win off the distraction, but still not the match it could have been.

Naomi made the SmackDown announcement about WWE Breast Cancer Awareness campaign then stayed ringside for Asuka’s match against a member of the IIconics. There was no need for her to assist, but she found a way to work her way into the match.

Mixed Match Challenge

It wasn’t enough to see Alicia Fox and Bayley on Raw; they added Finn Balor and Jinder Mahal to the mixed for some mixed match madness. The focus is still the dysfunction among the members of Mahalicia. The Fox and her Northern Lights Suplex is poetry to my eyes. I watch it at least 3 times every time she does it. She had more heat with Sunil Singh during several moments in the match including the spot where he caught Bayley rather than letting her catch the mat. Fox would be pinned for a second night in a row after a Bayley to Belly.

It’s enough that dancing is a part of Naomi’s entrance since it’s a part of her personality. Lana, although a dancer by trade, does not use it as apart of her gimmick. Having Naomi emote between each move is one thing, an all out dance battle is another. Still, we see it as a part of a match involving the two. Rusev and Jimmy got in on the act making it a lot less a problem. Looking back over the matchup, it wasn’t much to remember.

Lucha Underground

The new Rabbit Tribe came back to make waves after pouncing on the team of XO Lishus, Evelisse, and Joey Ryan. There was a bit of action among XO, Evelisse, London, and El Bunny. The story ended up being about the mysterious White Rabbit and Ryan.

It is safe to say that Killshot and Son of Havoc simply do not like one another. The rivalry between the former teammates boiled over in the heated match where we saw much of what LU is all about. They traded shots, big spots, and action outside the ring. Killshot wasn’t quick enough to escape the roll-up pin, but he had plenty to say about it after the match. If kicking a defenseless man in the face and then pummeling him, Killshot also took to the removing of SoH’s mask. That action prompted the announcement of a mask-vs-mask match at the next LU special event. It’s pretty much a given, at this point, that Killshot is going to be maskless soon.

Mae Young Classic

My goodness, Taynara Conti looked like she was to have turned a corner after last year’s performance and a year of NXT competition. Well, that’s the way they tried to sell it. Lacey Lane disposed of her rather quickly. That’s all there is to say about it.