Black Wrestla’ Recap 10/16

It took an extra couple days to complete wrestling watching this week. I usually do most of it on Monday and Tuesday of each week, but ROH/NJPW Global Wars added a bit of time. I cut some by skipping through much of GFW Impact since there hasn’t been much going on there as of late. I am confident to say that I would probably skip it completely if it wasn’t for us discussing it on the show and here. I do this for you, and I do not mind at all.


Last week, Cedric Alexander definitely turned up the intensity with his assault on Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick. This week Alexander has to regroup now that his foes are aware of the lengths in which he will go to fend them off. I, for one, appreciate the story told last week because Alexander’s intensity has been paired with a motivation. That’s really all we want; tell us a story.


Hey, Alicia Fox. You’re getting some stage time we see. You really don’t want to see Asuka. We’re sure you want to prove your mettle in the women’s division; this is not the way, but to each her own. I’m not sure if that tap was a no sell to Sasha Bank’s bank statement or not. I am sure it will come up later. It better come up later.

Oose, I’m pretty down that the feud between the Usos and the New Day has ended. Give us another team to challenge for the tag titles all while feeding the p.o.p. machine some talent. It was fitting to have the two squads appear to squash their beef. Now on to the next, Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable have been given the nod break out the penitentiary next.


We were served a lil’ retribution action on NXT. The Velveteen Dream was reintroduced to Lio Rush after beating the man down last week. Rush’s quickness was not well scouted by the purple rainmaker. Yet, it was the strength of Dream that ended up being the difference. The hot to the top turnbuckle was a spin that can define a wrestler when the spotlight comes. One can only hope he keeps the innovation coming as he develops.


I don’t remember much about the Street Profits‘ match. It doesn’t matter either because I was too busy having fun. Squash matches should be fun. I don’t need to realize that they are just fillers to get us to the main event, which this one was.


The Women of Honor made an appearance during the weekend. I caught a Holidead match for the first time (well since she jobbed out to Bayley). She put on a power performance against Sumie Sakai. Two stand out moves, a big boot and a spine buster, were high impact but did nothing to put Sumie away. I’m not sure who to contribute the awkwardness of some of the reversals, but then again, why should a reversal look smooth? Either way, the match served its purpose to highlight the women; oh yea, Holidead gets a lot of her character over through her in-match comments. It’s old school and refreshing.


The lil guy in the big man body, Shane Taylor, popped a couple of eyebrow raising spots. He’s no KO, but his version of that cannon ball was sold well by Josh Woods. His choice of in-ring attire always makes me laugh because it contrasts with his entrance attire so much that he just looks like a create-a-wrestler. Aside from all that, a Taylor puts on a good show. He is being built to make a TV Title run and soon.


Colt Cabana made a return to the ring that sent the ROH crowd nuts. It took a guy the class of Kenny King to extend the offer for Colt to join him as a stand in partner to face the Bullet Club’s Scurll and Page. I could have sworn my dude shouted, “Oh shit!” when he was low bridged late in the match. King played the part as he was not the focal point of the match and gave the stage to Cabana. Don’t think for one second that he did not have his share of highs though.


And the winner is Jason Jordan! Young JJ managed to endure the best that the Good Brother Anderson threw at him. Cena and Roman did Jordan a solid by putting him on and boosting his skills via a loss. He’s just waiting to get a shot in the mid-card so look forward to more middle tier, show opening feuds.


I’ve been talking about Dezmond Xavier for months now. He made an appearance on Impact this week and shared the stage with the X Division Champ nonetheless. I suppose this is some kind of preview for Dez’s title shot which should come before Matt Sydal’s?


The Addiction picked up an impressive victory over Jonathan Greshem and Jay White. Greshem took the brunt of the work from Kaz and Daniels including a trio of springboard moonsault/leg drop combos and pop up cutter. It was his partner who took the finishing celebrity rehab though.


On one hand, I was anticipating the culmination of Rich Swann’s feud with TJP. They set out to give us a 2 out of 3 falls grudge match after Swann won two of the three previous bouts. It made me think what other wrinkle could have been used instead. On top of all this, Rich swept the match even though he didn’t control most of the tempo.


I am sure I witnessed one of the oddest of pacing for a match during the Jay Lethal/Hiromu Takahashi match. They spent nearly half the match chopping one another and another quarter of the time with Lethal laying on the mat or ringside. You caught the majority of the action in the first and last 3 minutes of the match. There was really nothing to write home about except for Lethal being attacked by a stuffed animal. That totally happened.


The news is great for Elias and bad for Apollo Crews. The powers that be are hell bent on making the Drifter a name on the back of Crews. Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with building a talent with a string of wins over a worthy opponent which requires a bit of effort to build the opponent as a threat. This is not the case with Crews. He is straight jobber status.


Moose is still infatuated with getting even with Bobby Lashley, so much so that he’s stalking and trespassing. You’d think that after taking a second ass whooping from American Top Team, he would get it through his head to move on. Just like a scorned lover, Moose returned with a little more “assurance” in getting his message across.