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Black Wrestla’ Recap 11/5

Ring of Honor

SCU’s Scorpio Sky put on a show with Adam Page for an SCU/Bullet Club beef. SS came out of the first commercial break as if he had been shot out a cannon. He ran through a chain of big moves that were followed by pin attempts, but couldn’t keep the Hangman on the mat for three seconds. He got dropped on his head and put away at the end of the tightly contested match.

The road of success came to a dead end for Eli Isom. At the end of that street was a slugger by the name of Shane Taylor. Don’t get me wrong; Isom took all the physical attacks right at Taylor’s face. He even got the big man up on his shoulders again for a mean Samoan Drop. Taylor closed the door on Isom in an impressive fashion and set out to make an example of the young fellow. The rescue came in the name of Cheeseburger for a moment; he also took a heavy punishment for showing his face.

The main event for the week was a wrestling clinic highlighted by the ROH Champ, Jay Lethal, and Jonathan Gresham. They matched submissions and strikes with Jushin Thunder Liger and Kushida. For every move Lethal called, Liger or Kushida countered until a Lethal Injection signaled the curtain call for this Las Vegas show.


Our not so mayne man, Bobby Lashley, did not take too well to getting rolled up by Finn Balor last week. Lio Rush promised Balor would be the victim of Lashley’s retribution. The payback wouldn’t come by way of victory because Rush would cause the DQ when Finn climbed the turnbuckle. Little did they know that Baron Corbin was taking this all in backstage. They cut the post-match festivities short because of the GM summons. We find out subtly that Lashley will fill in for John Cena, who made a personal decision not to perform in Saudi this weekend.

The nostalgia of the weekend continued on Raw in the form of a 10 woman tag match. Sasha Banks joined her Evolution teammates, Trish Stratus, and Lita much to the dismay of Corey Graves. The botches were limited on this evening, but the nods to the old school went above and beyond by the face squad. Alicia Fox, on the other hand, joined up with her crew and the Riott Squad to put their opponents through the adversity until a chain of spots that ended with Sasha and crew picking up a win to a huge pop.

Backstage, there was a great set up to pit Nia Jax against Ember Moon; it was the woman who eliminated the most competitors versus the woman who won the battle royal. Moon’s mission was to take the fight to her friend, but Nia wasn’t going. The Tamina run-in was just there to tease me again; then she and Jax would stare one another down following the squash of Ember to add even more anticipation to my head. I’m still picturing a trio of these women with Ember as the wicked mouthpiece to offset the likes of the Riott Squad.

Allow me a moment to complain about the booking of Apollo Crews again. For the past two weeks, Crews has stated that he’s on a mission to show up the likes of Elias and those who have passed him on the climb to the brass ring. Elias, now getting a face push, is out of the picture, so this week he’s facing Dolph Ziggler before the showoff’s World Cup tourney. But why though? Is Apollo off that mission now? There are a couple of other call-ups that could be paired with Crews.

SmackDown Live

Normally, the Brood would not make this recap, but with The New Day’s annual Halloween costumes, the Attitude Era gimmick is one of this week’s highlights. It was billed as one member of the New Day versus one member of the Bar in a Trick or Street Fight; we all knew that it may as been a six-man tornado tag because folks just ran in at random. The “mysterious” red mist came in handy to help Big E put Cesaro away and keep The Big Show at bay.

The continuation of the Fabulous Truth as an act on Smackdown was just that, the truth. R-Truth has outsourced Carmella as a featured act to perform his entrance music before stepping up in this week’s match. Truth was filling in for the injured Tye Dillinger to challenge for the US Title. I wouldn’t have figured he and Shinsuke would put on as good of a show considering that everyone knew Truth wasn’t going to win. That’s what a good performer does right?

Mixed Match Challenge

The Monster Eclipse train rolled on much to the dismay of Alicia Fox and Jinder Mahal. Ember Moon wiped out the Singh Brothers with a mean corkscrew dive off the apron when they tried to run from a pursuing Braun Strowman. Alicia, never one to back down, taunted Strowman and stood up to him just before being victimized by an Eclipse.


The one Black face they’ve had since the show’s debut is a backstage interviewer. They only showed half the man’s face in a prematch interview spot and barely said his name.


The black solo cup and the gold chain of the Street Profits were the line this week. For a change, Angelo Dawkins started the match; Montez Ford’s injury was the story of the last loss. That was not the case this time around. Ford pounced onto the top rope for a match-ending frog splash amid many big spots, mostly in favor of the Mighty, and the Profits celebrated in the audience with their prized possessions.


Willie Mack made his singles debut to open the show, and his opponent was one that helped put his skills on display. A friendly game of one-upmanship took place between him and Rich Swann. I may have noticed it before, but Swann is using that Lethal Injection as a signature move a lot these days. It was the Mack and series of moonsaults, sentons, and a stunner that claimed this victory though.