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Black Wrestla’ Recap 12/10

Bar Wrestling

Scorpio Sky ventured back to SoCal to team up with his Wakanda Vice brethren, Eric Watts, for some very intimate wrasslin’. Watts dominated their smaller competitors while Scorpio took to the air with his quickness. A few high impact moves almost made it seem as if Wakanda Vice was going to take an impressive loss, but the backstabber combined with a chokeslam put the stamp on a very entertaining match.

Ring of Honor

Kenny King continues to manufacture the heat coming his way; just before his match with Christopher Daniels, King spent time taking shots at CD’s age. King closed with a quip that defined SCU as the senior citizen’s unit. The antics didn’t stop with the opening bell either. King would later imitate rolling in a wheelchair along with saying that Daniels had “Fallen” and can’t get up. Kenny would pick up the win through his newly common nefarious means garner even more heat.

The tag titles were defended during the main event when we saw the SCU pay tribute to SoCal fictional characters from the Cobra Kai dojo to Apollo Creed. Scorpio Sky flew around the ring for a bit as did Frankie Kazarian. They scored the win over the newly formed team of Guererro Maya, Jr and Snuka, Jr when they hit some tandem offense in the center of the ring. They will be off to Final Battle to defend their titles.

World Tag League

The world of the Flamboyant Juice was a bit duller when he and David Finlay ran up on Davey Boy Smith, Jr, and  Lance Archer. Finlay would tag himself in just at the wrong time; too bad for Juice because he would never see the rest of the show from a position other than on his back.


If they tease, will they do it? Sasha Banks and Bayley announced their goal of becoming women’s tag champions before the match against Mickie James and Alicia Fox. Fox and James, who will not be facing one another in the Mixed Match Challenge, ran in on the Boss Huggers’s Q&A session for the second week. Sasha and Bayley executed a backstabber into Bayley to belly combo that would make you wonder if the WWE is seriously considering a women’s tag division. Besides, Banks has been at the forefront of every point of the women’s division evolution so far.

I feel a decent six-man tag match coming now that Raw has hedged its top heels in an intermingling feud with the top faces. Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush interrupted Elias per the usual to flex his pecs. Rush and Lashley would tuck tail and split before Elias could swing for his next hit single. Lashley didn’t avoid being slammed into the mini-tron though. Rush thought he was in the clear until Finn Balor played spoiler again and set him up to get a wicked guitar shot to the back.

SmackDown Live

The tag titles will be on the line at TLC in triple threat match, but this week, one member from each team jumped in the ring for a traditional triple threat. Kofi Kingston and Big E held down the New Day commentary table while Xavier Woods put in the work against Jimmy Uso and Cesaro. Pancakes were flying and so was Woods; it would be Uso taking the win via the pin of Cesaro.

Mixed Match Challenge

The revitalized R-Truth and Carmella faced off with the top-seeded team of Charlotte and Jeff Hardy in the quarterfinals. Just knowing that Charlotte has a match at TLC, it was a given that the Fabolous Truth would get the “upset” win. Mella’s magic saved Truth from a Senton and put him in position to get the win.

The same condition applied to Awe-Ska as the previous match, yet it was hard to believe that there would be a second upset of the night. On the other side, there was Day One Glow; the Usos are also booked for the pay-per-view as well. Miz did the job of selling discord between him and Asuka. The friendship between Naomi and Asuka had to be put on pause for a moment so that the Asuka Lock could bring Naomi to tap out.