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Black Wrestla’ Recap 2/11


The final spot in the women's tag match was up for grabs when the favorites, Sasha Banks and Bayley, were challenged by Alicia Fox and her new off the rockers partner, Nikki Cross. Fox and Cross literally dragged Sasha and surprised Bayley. To add a little spice to the anticipation, Sasha never entered the match in an official capacity while her partner gave Foxy Cross the business. The Boss N Hug Connection qualified for the Elimination Chamber with a little drama on the side as they should have.

Bobby Lashley is taking shots at Brock Lesner for another week. Lashley outright told Finn Balor that the Irishman had no business seeking the IC title because he couldn't defeat Lesnar. If Lesnar was boss level, the Almighty is the big boss. Finn would get a concession though; Lio Rush served as a test match. Win and Balor would get a shot a Lashley. It would work out that the ref would choose to eject Bobby from ringside instead of giving Finn a DQ win. No Lashley meant that Lio couldn't outrun Balor long enough. Lashley didn't go too far from the ring because he was back to attack Finn as soon as the match was over.

Nia Jax and Tamina would continue to assert their influence on all in their way. EC3 and Alexa Bliss didn't even start the segment before the two Samoan women would show up. Dean Ambrose would get some more Nia sass in the course of the segment; it was a good moment to build the ladies on their way to a possible tag title reign.

SmackDown Live

I may have foreshadowed Naomi getting a partner to help her fight off Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville; I did not expect that partner to be Carmella. They kept with the theme of appointing teams to the Elimination Chamber match, and Fabulous Glow was the last to be named. The showcase of this week put all three teams in a triple threat tag match. There was much anticipation to get Naomi and Mandy in the ring together that they had much to deliver when the time finally came. The glow was delivered in the form of fists and feet, yet still, Mandy slipped away with another win over Naomi when it seemed she had learned her lesson. This rivalry lives on for yet another week.

205 Live

Buddy Murphy's next challenger was set to be determined via a fatal four-way elimination match. At first glance, it would seem that the stage was set for Lio Rush to get a bit of a rub and put somebody over being that he was the only heel of the four. Rush would dance around Cedric Alexander, Akira Tozawa, and Humberto Carillo. The early assumption that Rush would get to shine came to a quick end when he went up then down into a Lumbar Check. Alexander would continue on until it was he and Tozawa remaining. Cedric's sell game was on point all the way down to his eyes. I am not ready for another round of Murphy and Alexander, but I was still kind of hoping for an improbable Lumbar Check when Tozawa climbed the turnbuckle for his Senton Bomb. It was still good to see Alexander put his opponent over setting up the next title match.


Fresh off his World's Collide win, Velveteen Dream (looking all Nick Cannon-ish) paid a visit to NXT Champ, Tommasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano, the new NXT North American Champ. It was choosing time for Dream since he earned a title challenge of his choosing. He'd pass on a rematch with the champ and go straight for Gargano to claim his right as the next NA Champion.

Impact! Wrestling

Rich Swann continued his struggles with oVe, but Sami Callahan wasn't present for this match. Willie Mack joined Swann on this night to bring together a slobber knocker of a match. The climax came through when Mack hit a double stunner followed by a double cutter from Swann; the Phoenix Splash closed the match, and surprisingly, there were no post-match shenanigans.

If I told you that Kiera Hogan had a one on one match with Allie and won clean, would you believe me? And what if I told you that it was the second win in a row? I was definitely stunned given all of the things that could have happened. Jordynn Grace handled Su Yung, and there was no Rosemary influence. Allie simply got caught with Hogan's signature swinging neck breaker.

There was an announcement made that the Impact World Heavyweight Title would be defended in a four-way match involving Moose, Killer Cross, Brian Cage, and Johnny Impact. Moose was out there paraphrasing Bill Belichick and offering to share the title with his buddy regardless of who won.

Ring of Honor

The return of Juice Robinson came full circle in a show-closing moment where he introduced his new faction, Lifeblood. Let's see where this new move takes the promotion as a lot of their heavy hitters have moved on to greener pastures.