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Black Wrestla’ Recap 2/12


An injury doesn’t kill my mojo and shouldn’t kill the push of Jason Jordan. The neck injury and surgery are a push problem, and he’ll be off the air for a while. The son of Kurt Angle should come back and take his place in line simply because he’s the GM’s son. Let’s hope nothing happens to Angle between now and then.


The best segment of the week had to be #AskTheNewDay. These three guys can take not having an active story and make it interesting. Who? Who? Who else can not have a Wrestlemania match and still end up being a main part of the show? Then, I find out that the Corey Graves and Booker T “feud”, which was the source of many of their jokes, originated in the New Day camp.


Excited and frightened are the emotions that best describe my feelings following Bianca Belair’s squash match. She squatted another woman before slamming her and followed up with a reverse powerbomb. Add in that wicked smile, and she has the recipe to steal more than the show.


I was almost ready to call the match between Jay Lethal and Johnathan Gresham slow and unimpressive. What was I thinking? The two told a great story in that ROH ring. The working of body parts paid off in the end after a myriad of high impact moves.


The push of Cedric Alexander is still in slow motion. Of course, he’s still checking the win column, but it’s a known fact that the focus is to build 205 as a brand before all else.


It’s one step forward and two steps back for Apollo Crews. Here’s the thing though; Crews had a damn good match against the Miz. The string of offensive moves impressed me, and I have seen what he can do. Crews even got a reaction from the Universe. My hope is that this will lead to an increased roll soon because the brotha can go.


I keep forgetting Shelton Benjamin is 40+; I know the other guys (the Ascension and Chad Gable) aren’t much younger either. That still doesn’t change the fact that the Gold Standard looks as young or younger than this counterparts in the ring.


It’s not a Thirsty Thursday post, or else Kiera Hogan would be all over it. She came to wrestle for the Knockouts Title. Since this is a wrestling post, I’ll leave it at me having high hopes for Hogan going forward if Impact keeps here active.


Shane Taylor took a step away from carrying out hits to entertain Kenny King. The King came out like a boss after enduring the best of Taylor’s power. The real treat, though, had to be Caprice Coleman on commentary.


I am trying to be positive with the direction of Nia Jax. I just sense a pointless match with Auska coming. Jax squashed some local talent to send a message to the Empress of Tomorrow.