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Black Wrestla’ Recap 2/18


We've got to shake out the line up for the women's Elimination Chamber match. It would be done so in the form of a triple threat tag match much like last week on SmackDown; the only difference is that the team pinned or submitted would enter the match first (or last as the situation usually plays out). It seemed that Sasha Banks had the right idea in tagging out of the match and allowing the Riott Squad to hash it out with Nia Jax and Tamina, but at some point during the match, either Banks or Bayley decided to tag into the match to get some rounds in. By the end of it all, Sasha was attacked and escorted from ringside leaving Bayley to fend for herself. That would have been fine if Bayley would not have re-entered the match and helped seal their fate for the second week in a row by getting pinned.

WWE spends so much time building up matches that end up as fillers and slowly advancing a story. As they would have it, Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush made their way to the ring just before the Drew McIntyre and Finn Balor match. This could have gone a number of ways, but with Raw's last ending in mind, there was surely a six-man match on the way. True enough, Bobby would interfere to cause the DQ; this led to Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman, and Baron Corbin coming to the stage. The tag match would result in Lashley's crew getting a win that would be thrown out because Balor put his foot on the ropes. Eventually, Bobby Lashley's Elimination Chamber opponent, Finn Balor, would pick up a win for his team.

SmackDown Live

And we're back with our third straight show featuring a women's triple threat tag match. The participants remain the same only this time there is a stipulation. The losing team joins Sasha and Bayley as the opening team in the match. Naomi began the match on the apron as Carmella took on Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose for a good bit of the match. The IIconics would never enter the match much unlike the Boss 'n Hug Connection. Naomi dished out much payback to Mandy on two separate occasions. After flying all around the ring, Naomi scored the pin that sent her nemesis straight to the start of the chamber match.

Mustafa Ali's loss is our gain. They had the audacity to tease "a member of New Day" would take his place. There's only one member of New Day that is getting that spot, and that's Kofi Kingston. Filling in for Ali, Kofi took the gauntlet match of chamber participants squaring off with the New Daniel Bryan first. It was a master class in building a latecomer in a big spot on the go home show. Kingston defeated 3 of the 5 men participating in the match with no influence from his New Day brethren. I don't expect much from him during the actual title match Sunday, but this was damn good.


The Street Profits' match was preceded by Keith Lee knocking Kassius Ohno out with a rolling elbow. Their impressive super blockbuster capped off the contest leading into a promo spot where the Profits continued to make a claim as contenders for the NXT Tag titles. By the end of the fracas, the Profits were on the outside looking in once again.

Ricochet took on Adam Cole in a battle for respect and possibly an upcoming North American Championship challenge. The Undisputed Era proved to be too much for Ric. He would pick up the clean win, but the after match attack took him out then Aleister Black as the Dutchman came to help.


The card for Uncaged had room for a Willie Mack appearance. It's not as though his appearance on the show was more than time filler because it was the only match of the night that was not promoted. Therefore, a Willie Mack win should have been exactly what anyone expected.

Moose was joined by his ally, Killer Kross, as two of the three men to challenge Johnny Impact for the Impact! World Championship. The partnership ran its course when Moose went for the title. Brian Cage rounded out this foursome, and they went hard and heavy in the main event. Moose fell victim to a drill claw and a starship pain. Impact pinned the big man to retain his championship.

Elimination Chamber

The night belonged to Sasha and Bayley in the opening chamber match. They were pegged to go from open to close with Mandy and Sonya. Everyone else served as match markers, putting one another over until the big finish. Naomi's convenient pairing with Carmella was short lived as they were the first to be eliminated. Nia Jax, in turn, eliminated her team by way of taking herself out. I do say it is a surprise given that Sasha was clearly still in pain from her shoulder injury (or she's doing a good sell job by not lifting her arms and all).