Black Wrestla’ Recap 2/19

Allow me to take the time to say that Black Panther was everything. It took me a few extra days to make my rounds on this wrestling watching last week, and regardless of how you feel about the wave, I’m telling you to go see it again.


“Don’t you touch my cakes!” The New Day attempted to break a record of pancakes eaten much to the dislike of Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin. The confrontation saw some props given to waffles and criticism towards tag teams that have too much fun. Fun won at the end of the day. On to the next one Gable and Benjamin. On top of that, the New Day still rocking the Kente in their tights; this time it’s more pronounced than their Royal Rumble attire.


The champ survives again. Ember Moon gave Shayna Baszler a title rematch to which Baszler went on the attack. Ember didn’t skate by when she took the “L” due to interference from Kiari Sane.


Nothing says professional like taking a blown spot and working through it. Flip Gordon missed his mark on a springboard, and Jay Lethal didn’t miss a beat. Doing so, saved a great opening match from a disaster of a finish. Following the match, Lethal was announced as the number one contender for the ROH World Title to be defended in the coming month.


It is a legitimate injury that is taking Jason Jordan out of action. The down side is that so many factors can come to play between now and his return that can change the dynamics of his use. (See: Big Cass). I hope they don’t just wash the whole “son of Kurt Angle” by then. Heaven forbid something like Kurt being out of the GM role by his return. Look forward to seeing my, er, Kurt’s son Jason return.


Sasha Banks took the role of being Bayley’s opponent in the San Jose Redemption. The tweener role of Banks continues for another week until it was revealed that this match wasn’t much more than a set up to build Nia Jax as an enforcer. Someone tell Nia that I said, “Hey boo!” Jax poured through both Bayley and Banks like water through a colander. Yes lawd!


A grown man spit on his hand then slapped Bobby Lashley across the chest with the same hand. Spit on his hand? Hell no! Sadly, I didn’t care about anything that happened in that match beyond that point.


So Cal Uncensored attempted to steal a title victory in the ROH main event. Scorpio Sky ran through with a title belt to cause a pin that was eventually waived off. At least they got to hold the titles for moment before the restart and eventual retaining of the titles by the Hung Bucks.


Crews can lose. The bright side is that Apollo Crews didn’t get pinned and had a string of offensive moves that set up the closing of the controversial finish to Raw’s fatal five-way match.


The exit of EC3 was featured with a return of Tyrus, EC3’s partner during his championship reign. Then something happened, Josh Matthews mentioned that Tyrus has been seen on Fox News. I thought, “What would Tyrus be doing on Fox News?” A quick YouTube search answered that question for me. Tyrus, aka George Murdoch, is permanently in the “Boo” column from this day forward.

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