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Black Wrestla’ Recap 2/25


Triple H opened the show with some big announcements, one of which being that Ricochet would be appearing before the night is over. They didn’t wait long to get him on the screen either. Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley planned to ambush Finn Balor while he was celebrating his Intercontinental Championship win. Ricochet flew in for the save and prompted a tag match. The debut would be topped off by a 630 to Rush for the win.

The inaugural women’s tag champions, Sasha Banks and Bayley, basked in their moment of glory and stated that they planned to defend the new championship titles on all WWE brands. It’s interesting and an opportunity for far more women to flood the rosters of each brand. Nia Jax and Tamina interrupted the celebration in a show of force that would be met by Sasha and Bayley before it could become an all-out brawl.

SmackDown Live

The return of the NXT stars meant a return for Ricochet. He was given an opportunity to shine in a singles match all be it a match against Eric Young and the members of SANiTy. He’d pick up his second win just like the other call ups; I’m just not sure if he pulled off the 630 again.

Mustafa Ali’s loss is our gain for sure. Kofi Kingston got the big spot in the Elimination Chamber match then turn around was given the spotlight before the main event, 6-man tag, match. We were treated to another clean win over the New Daniel Bryan and an announcement that Kofi would be the next challenger for the title at Fast Lane.

205 Live

I figured it was time for Cedric Alexander to pay back the big push he received last year by giving a guy like Mike Kanelis that rub. That fact of itself was enough for me to believe like maybe a few others that Kanelis actually did pin Alexander. Cedric would walk away with another main event win and leave Mike and Maria in the ring picking up their faces.


The return of Mia Yim was set to the tune of a strike-fest featuring Xia Li. Yim also gave us a modified version of her Eat the Feet finisher to a kneeling Li. Oh, but the fun didn’t stop there. Shayna Baszler continued her reign of terror on the women of NXT. Yim would get some help from upstarts the likes of Lacey Lane and MJ Jenkins to name a few. Baszler and her crew disposed of them all and left Mia laid out in the ring as well.

Already knowing the result of the NXT North American Championship match, I wanted to see how Velveteen Dream and Johnny Gargano would tear the house down. They went from technical style to hard-hitting to outright putting over big spot after spot. Dream floated through a second Death Valley Driver straight to the top turnbuckle to seal the deal on his first single’s title run.

Impact! Wrestling

There would be no new challengers for the Impact! World Title because Moose announced his separation from Killer Kross. Kross and Moose ended up facing one another to determine the next contender. Too bad that Johnny Impact caused the match to get thrown out. Brian Cage came to Impact’s aid thus leaving us with four men at the top.

There was a Rascalz match on the card, and they have t-shirts now. I suppose I shouldn’t have a problem since I was complaining about Dezmond Xavier not having any character to his persona. Thanks Impact!