Black Wrestla’ Recap 2/26


The redemption of Kenny King came to fruition. King dropped the title in an elimination match where he was eliminated early. Since doing so, the TV title has not been getting as much TV time as it did when he was the champ. King overcame Silas Young in the ROH main event to recapture the title in a match that had many changes in tempo.

The Atlanta NXT crowd knows what we all know. The Velveteen Dream is over; he got a wild pop before his opening bout with No Way Jose. Dream played for the crowd rather than to it then followed up with a proclamation that he is among the big names of NXT.


Back after nearly stealing the 6-man tag titles, So Cal Uncensored, Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian, took the stage to face the Young Bucks. If it wasn’t for the Bullet Club story line, this match really didn’t feed anything into overall value of the show.

The Women of Honor segment had Holidead talking mad shit. Next thing I know, she’s getting rolled up in a flashback clip from the tournament.

Bobby Lashley has left Impact; so any match in which he’s featured is just filler. Yeah, he teamed with Eddie Edwards to defeat oVe. How many matches he got left in the vault?

The Unstoppable Force, Nia Jax, has ran through most of the women up until this point. Ugh, she’s just another stepping stone to make Asuka get over as a dominant competitor. Nia can beat anyone down who isn’t expecting it; she’s not getting the push that calls for her dominating in the ring.

Another title shot down for Titus Worldwide and somehow I feel like this was just a mood to shut up the crowd that wants to see Apollo Crews get the ring time and cred he deserves. This is the epitome of a “meh”.

Speaking of Jax and Crews, the two were also featured in the Mixed Match Challenge this week. I don’t even remember the match. I do recall that Jax was pinned by Charlotte. MEH.

The SmackDown women’s roster is really working through six women in particular. The shake out is most likely going to cause women like Naomi to be left out of the picture for the next two events as the focus on title defenses. Any who, she competed in a tag match that saw the Riott Squad picking up the win.

Normally, I’m high on everything New Day. This number one contender’s match against Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable seem to be useless with the teasing of the Bludgeon Brothers getting a title shot soon. Now, the New Day has another title opportunity against the Usos after we were led to believe they were done for a while.

Did Vanessa Borne just land a deep six? Why yes she did. Shout out to her for pulling a serviceable match with Nikki Cross.


We didn’t get one nor two but three Moose matches. The final one took the cake, though. Moose and Alberto El Patron faced off at an event in a cafeteria. I’m not sure what’s up with Impact airing their house shows on the national shows.

I don’t know if I made it clear, but Tyrus is on FDN status forever. it doesn’t help that they keep announcing his time on Fox News.

Maybe it’s just me who is tired of the crap they’re putting on with Sasha Banks. We know that turning her is not a high priority due to the roster. Paige getting hurt did cause some change of pace. She survived the Elimination Chamber much like the Royal Rumble to take another L.

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