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Black Wrestla’ Recap 3/18


Shelton Benjamin made an appearance on Raw for the first time in a long while. He was supposedly the hired hand of Paul Heyman to take out Seth Rollins. The sneak attack led to a match that seemed a lot like a way to show Seth work the ring with someone who may have a similar style to Brock Lesnar. I doubt Shelton will be back before this feud plays out, nor do I think he will get any notable time on air soon.

They gave Lio Rush the bid to redeem himself of his loss to Finn Balor thus giving him the Intercontinental Championship. Bobby Lashley got the championship match that should have been a part of Fastlane but was not due to the Shield match. Rush's involvement indirectly put the title back in the hands of the Almighty.

The turmoil in the tag division continued following the PPV. Ricochet and Aleister Black rolled over Chad Gable and Bobby Roode per usual. They just didn't see the Revival coming out to give them a congratulatory hand in the shape of fists, not flips.

Tired of the interruptions, Elias utterly victimized No Way Jose on a night where the dancing fighter debuted a new look.

The best news of the week had to be the fact that Harlem Heat are going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Beth Phoenix was not given the script to sit back and encourage Natalya; she jumped in the ring and attacked Nia Jax causing a quick DQ. Tamina wasn't much help in fighting the Glamazon off. Behind the curtain, Sasha Banks and Bayley ambushed the Samoan Slaughterhouse as another measure of payback from Fastlane. I smell that triple threat coming a mile away.

SmackDown Live

Someone in the back decided it was great to highlight the SmackDown tag division but clearly overlook the fact that one of the teams in the 8-man match has been featured on three separate brands in the past month. The whole thing was telling because the main reason why Ricochet and Black were involved in the match was due to 1) the Usos just finished a title defense and have no new challengers and 2) The New Day were pegged to run-in on the match for other reasons to be mentioned later.

Vince McMahon's answer to screwing Kofi Kingston out of a title match? Run this gauntlet.

205 Live

The feeling of deja vu is still in the air with another Cedric Alexander victory. While I halfway expected Oney Lorcan to be put over, I watched anxiously for the carpet to pull out from under me. Alexander is still slapping that Lumbar Check on like its his version of the RKO.


I think I've mentioned Ricochet and Black enough for one post. They won their semifinal match in the Dusty Rhodes Classic. Enough said.


Apparently, I missed the part where Rich Swann turned on oVe last week so I was mad confused to see them on opposite sides of a six-man tag match. Tommy Dreamer took the straw of laying down to Sami Callahan while Swann and Willie Mack chilled on the floor.

What in the hell was that segment with the Rascalz and Moose?