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Black Wrestla’ Recap 3/4


The NXT invasion resumed with another tag team takeover of the Revival. Ricochet blessed us with his high flying form of entertainment. It would be his partner, Aleister Black, scoring the big move to punctuate their win.

Lio Rush attempted to interrupt Finn Balor's moment on Bobby Lashley's behalf yet ended up in an Intercontinental Championship match. Aside from Rush's early 205 Live run, he's been on a cooler as of late. His loss became but another point of contention between him and Lashley.

The Dominant One followed up Rush with a scheduled match with Braun Strowman. What came to pass was the complete destruction of Bobby and Lio at the HANDS of Strowman.

Let the women's tag team division commence with the first singles match building towards Fastlane. Sasha Banks and Bayley are set to defend their titles against the "Samoan Slaughterhouse," Nia Jax and Tamina. Quietly though, Jax would be defeated by Bayley in the initial battle that is certain to be followed by a Banks and Tamina match next week.

SmackDown Live

Well, I'll be John Brown if Vince McMahon didn't snatch the rug right from under all of us when he pulled Kofi Kingston from the WWE Championship match in favor of Kevin Owens. Even though this isn't the end of #GrandSlamKofi, it still stung just hearing Vince box him out.

R-Truth channeled his inner John Cena by setting out the US Championship Open Challenge. Andrade would answer only to be beaten to the ring by Rey Mysterio. Carmella somehow knew that the best thing for Truth to do was to defend his title against both men. He didn't go full Cena only winning through his swift moves and crafty schoolboy pin on Mysterio.

This double play action is the very reason I am not opposed to the split brands and rosters. Ricochet and Aleister Black teamed up for the second night, this time to face Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura. See the Raw section to figure out how this went.

Kevin Owens took the high road in requesting a tag match with Kofi to close the show. There wasn't many hijinx and Owens helped Kofi to another win even though we didn't see Kingston pin the champ for another week.


I would guess that the creative team is testing how they want to move with Keith Lee. He was allowed to push his limits with Dominik Dijakovic. With Ranallo on the commentary, these two got a big push for the NXT fans. Much like a previous angle with Bianca Belair and Nikki Cross, the contest wasn't resolved with one man getting the win over the other. Stay tuned for one or both these guys to get a run.

Sasha Banks and Bayley introduced NXT to the WWE Women's Tag Titles and teased a future title defense on the brand. I find it interesting that they surfaced on NXT before SmackDown; I smell something brewing here.

Velveteen Dream and the Undisputed Era shared a comical run in while in the parking lot, and Ricochet is officially partnered with Aleister Black to compete in the Dusty Rhodes tourney.

The main stage was reserved for Mia Yim and her bout with the NXT Women's Champ, Shana Baszler. Yim came out on fire but would spend the majority of the match selling a leg injury. Even though her targeted attack on Baszler's hand came into play, it essentially came down to the champ modifying her submission to secure the victory and get her much sought after respect.