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Black Wrestla’ Recap 4/16


Nia Jax came down to get her new champion shine on only to be interrupted by the former champ, Alexa Bliss, and her bestie, Mickey James. Nia proves to the mean squad that she does have friends in the back when she announces her tag partner as the one and only Ember Moon. My inner child lost it when Ember hit the top of the ramp. She landed a beautiful eclipse to leave the impression that she’s new to the Raw roster.

The saga of Sasha Banks and Bayley resumed when Sasha got dropped by Mandy Rose after being dropped “accidentally” by Bayley. We didn’t get any Banks on Bayley blows though.

The wait for Bobby Lashley to return is now over. He chose Elias as his target for reintroduction. There wasn’t much of a confrontation as Lashley delivered one of his impressive delayed suplexes to the crooner before leaving the scene of the crime.

Another one of the reveals of the night included the Authors of Pain, who parted ways with Paul Ellering after laying waste to Heath Slater and Rhyno.

Natalya laid down the challenge to the inaugural Women’s Battle Royal winner, Naomi, during a backstage segment. The challenge fell flat on its face when Naomi landed a moonsault for the pin and win.


While the SmackDown Tag titles remain in the hands of the Bludgeon Brothers, someone had to be named their challengers. The honor went to the Usos after they defeated the New Day in a tag competition that featured Big E and Xavier.

It’s obvious that the WWE went for the payoff with Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali for the Cruiserweight title. The next up to contend for the title will be Buddy Murphy. Let the feud begin.

Sami Callihan cost Moose his briefcase match the previous week so of course Moose needed a bit o’ revenge. The match was pretty uneventful as Moose cycled through his signature moves one by one before being caught by that bat. By the end of the mayhem, it’s easy to conclude that Moose now has two partners in Eddie Edwards and Tommy Dreamer to combat oVe and Callihan.

Kongo Kong moved on from Abyss and caught the attention of Johnny Impact. Check back next week to see how that turned out.

Shaheem Ali tried it. He tried to take on two humongous men in a two on one “tag” match. Yea, he got rag dolled but it was pretty impressive before it was done.


In More of the Same news, Titus Worldwide did the job  for the Revival to be eliminated from the tag team tourney.

Tyrus showed up to work.