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Black Wrestla’ Recap 5/21


We don’t have a stable of women to match with the Riott Squad. So we get a bit of woman power when Sasha Banks and Ember Moon team with Natalya to fight off the nefarious trio. I’m still not big on the cooling of Sasha Banks, but it seems that we’re going to keep her occupied with various heels for the time.  I will say that it seemed that Sasha shared match management with Natty, which was needed considering they were two women with the most experience of the six.

This guy they call Bobby Lashley went into a triple threat match with two over competitors in Kevin Owens and Elias and managed not to get buried. It also didn’t hurt that Sami Zayn set the tone earlier when he promised to bring out Bobby’s sisters next week. Lashley managed to keep his competition at bay even though they worked to put him out of the match. Zayn completed his work for the night completely removing Bobby from the match to possibly set the course for a Lashley/Zayn program for the next month or so.

It’s #MakeKofiGrandSlamChamp all summer, all year. It’s my call that he will enter the Money in the Bank match after the New Day defeated the team of Sheamus and Cesaro. With one member getting the shot, it’s gotta be Kofi to give him the briefcase and that title before next summer. What makes it even better is that Big E and Xavier Woods literally won him the shot as they’ve said time and time again. Make Kofi a Grand Slam Champion!

Imagine my surprise when I saw that the Velveteen Dream was facing off against Ricochet this week. I just knew that there would be a later payoff from their promo last week. Nonetheless, here we are with these two super popular gents going one on one. They teased us with a series of holds until they got down to the high impact slams and reversals match one another at each turn. The fairy tale was not to last because their four-star teaser was interrupted by Lars Sullivan, who apparently still has a chip on his shoulder.

Any Kiera Hogan sighting is a good sighting, and this week she had a chance to seek vengeance on Tessa Blanchard for attacking the Girl on Fire. Hogan took the fight to Blanchard blow for blow until the tide turned. Tessa eventually landed her hammerlock DDT for the win leaving Hogan worse for the wear.


I suppose I’ll be sort of excited behind No Way Jose’s booking for Raw. He was inserted into a qualifying match with Bobby Roode and Baron Corbin. He was quickly removed from the ring at the beginning of the match only to return just before commercial break. Upon return from the break, Jose was gone again. There was a bit of exchange between Roode and Corbin before Jose reentered the match. He ate the big glorious DDT spot before giving it over to Roode.

Since Grado thought he figured out the mystery of the backstage beatings, he decided to confront his best guess in Kongo Kong and Jimmy Jacobs. Too bad for Grado that it meant he had to face the new monster of Impact. Yea, it was a straight up squash.