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Black Wrestla’ Recap 5/28


I am loving the main roster move of Ember Moon. For now, we’re seeing her work the ring every week, and those days of me appreciating her on the indy scene are being paid off. She took to the squared circle in a match with Alexa Bliss, another Money in the  Bank qualifier. Mickie James was sent packing from ringside just when I thought she was about to cost Moon the match. Also, Alexa attacking Ember’s shoulder didn’t work as well as each strike was eventually countered leading to a closing eclipse and win for our favorite war goddess.

The gold of the New Day shone through the opening of SmackDown. Everyone, including the Miz, wants to know who (Who? Who?) from the crew would take the shot at Money in the Bank. While Big E offered the Miz a job, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston swapped duties on the commentary booth. All it took was for the Bar to open to pass Miz the win.

Lars Sullivan was given a chance to prove his point to the NXT fans, Ricochet, and Velveteen Dream. His point would have to be proven through a handicapped match. Knowing the shoe was about to drop soon, I watch as Dream and Ricochet worked together in attempt to take Sullivan off his feet. Some double axe handles and missile dropkicks later, the big man was still standing. Go figure. I didn’t see where but apparently there was some missed communication because Dream snatched up the One and Only into a rolling death valley driver serving him up to Lars Sullivan for the pin and win.

I would have thought the hype train was about to slow down, but that is not the case for Naomi. One would guess that Sonya DeVille would be given the nod to put one of Paige’s ex-buddies in the Money In the Bank match for some drama. What they did do is show us some more of Naomi’s athleticism as if we didn’t have enough examples. The difference in speed between performers still shows, and none of that is Naomi’s fault.


One good thing about the one event format is that we get to see WWE work through some feuds to put on some shine. No Way Jose and Baron Corbin is a perfect example of this. I don’t even remember why these two are beefing, but here we are. Jose, unlike Adam Rose, does not have his entourage at ringside for his matches. Hopefully, we don’t have to worry about him being upstaged by any of them. Jose went for the knockout a little too early and got caught with a deep six which led to an end of days by Corbin. With the clean win, I’ll look to see how they spin this forward next week.

The Uso Penitentiary is getting downgraded to a minimum security joint these days. In a number one contenders’ match against the Good Brothers, Jimmie and Jay took the aggression out. They kept the pace up to 10 for the majority of the match even during the split commercial break. It seems the Uso – Bludgeon Brothers rivalry is on ice for the moment as the Club will get the next tag title shot in the coming weeks.


For so many reasons, Bobby Lashley was involved in the absolute worse segment I’ve seen this week. No, I am not as turned off by the fact that they used three men dressed as women because that wasn’t bad until Lashley made his way to the ring. Lashley, if he was irritated by Zayn bashing his family, did not need to wait for this segment to pop off. This was announced last week as if to say there would be something big to see. They teased this segment and did nothing to make it worth remembering. They did make waves though.