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Black Wrestla’ Recap 5/6


The MITB announcement included Ricochet as a member of Raw’s group. The pissing contest resulted in Ric and Braun Strowman going over Baron Corbin; Drew McIntyre made his way to the back before the finish.

Shane McMahon gave the Lio Rush-less Bobby Lashley an assist over the Miz to set up a rematch.

Naomi will be featured in the Women’s MITB match, but Alexa Bliss went to take the shine prompting a challenge from the Mistress of Glow. The match was a series of spots followed by Alexa tying her shoes. It was a rare dominant match from Naomi, too. She closed it out with a split legged moonsault and rear view.

SmackDown Live

We were given more fat for Kevin Owens challenge to Kofi Kingston. Xavier Woods attempted to get payback, but ultimately it was Kingston putting them hands on Owens.

Ember Moon will make here second appearance in the MITB match.

The announcement from the Hardy Boyz was interrupted by Lars Sullivan, and R-Truth interrupted the destruction of Matt Hardy to get another massive powerbomb as a cherry on top of the Sullivan shake.


I think I heard the best and worst rendition of that song when Velveteen Dream remixed it to sing to Dominik Dijakovic. O say can you see by the Dream’s purple light.

A Performance Center altercation between Bianca Belair and Mia Yim was “leaked” to promo their contest that will be aired next week. I an say that Belair is such a good antagonist.

World’s Collide

I’m not sure where this series came from nor where it is going. This week featured two battle royals; one of which saw the ladies of NXT and NXT UK. Lacey Lane is slowly making her way onto the NXT brand but was quickly removed from this competition. I saw Mia Yim enter the ring; her exit, though, was another thing. I can’t recall who eliminated her. Vanessa Borne and Aaliyah caused there normal havoc and remained in the ring until the final stages. It was Bianca Belair’s night though. She outlasted IO Shirai to remain “un-de-feat-ed”.

Impact! Wrestling

The continued feud between Su Yung and Rosemary needed Keira Hogan’s participation for a piece of the story. Yung and her crew interrupted the match giving Hogan a DQ win. The Girl on Fire chose not to step up to Yung this go around even after battling her to get Allie back a few weeks ago.