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Black Wrestla’ Recap 6/1

Raw (5/20)

Ricochet kicked off a program with Cesaro following Money in the Bank. Both are seemingly starting afresh as Ricochet’s feud with Robert Roode was short lived.

WWE announced a new hardcore styled championship in the 24/7 Title that Titus O’Neil won and lost all within the same segment. It still will stand that he is the first ever 24/7 Champion.

The aforementioned Robert Roode became the second title holder, but it was the good, R-Truth in with the trickery to make off with the title by the end of the night.

Brock Lesnar flexing the Money in the Bank briefcase was call for Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins to make an appearance. It wasn’t suplex city, but the Almighty Bobby Lashley, still sans Lio Rush, and Baron Corbin to face the champ champs. We wouldn’t find out who Brock is targeting for a title opportunity either.

SmackDown Live (5/21)

R-Truth continued to run away from the competition while holding on to the 24/7 Championship. He enlisted Carmella to help with a costume. It was almost a guarantee that his presence during her match was going to cause a ruckus, and it did.

Kofi Kingston is still out here being a “fighting champ” while pleading for Brock to cash in the MITB contract. Kingston took Sami Zayn out only to catch a beat down from a returning Dolph Ziggler.

NXT (5/22)

If Velveteen Dream wasn’t over enough, he’s about to work with an NXT favorite in Tyler Breeze to defend the North American Championship.

IMPACT! Wrestling (5/23)

Four mid-card performers made a brief appearance before the televised main event. Dezmond Xavier is back to impressive spots and story-less matches. I’m sure somebody will get something off the match though.

Ring of Honor (5/24)

The Six-Man Tag Titles were defended by Villain Enterprises against Jay Lethal, Jeff Cobb, and Rush. Lethal is the man to fill in for a worthwhile title match, and he’s also the one to put over a 51-year old man delivering a top rope moon sault to retain the titles for V.E.


Kofi Kingston returns to Raw looking for Brock but got Dolph once again. Xavier Woods came for the save, but he almost got that work too. All this put Dolph square in the number one contender slot after his long hiatus.

The Ricochet and Cesaro rivalry continues with another one-on-one contest. The odds are evened when Ricochet walks away with a clean win.

Bobby Lashley continues to get the Braun Strowman treatment of not being pushed too hard but not letting him vanish. It’s fitting that they’re booked opposite one another for the Super Showdown card. This week they left us wanting by eliminating themselves from the Universal Championship number one contender match.

SmackDown Live

Kingston was booked in a non-title rematch against Kevin Owens. Surprisingly, there was no Ziggler run-in, and Kofi picked up a rather quick win.

R-Truth’s run as champ came short when Elias pinned him in the middle of the ring, but not before Truth successfully defended his title. Later in the main event, Roman Reigns would join him in a match versus Elias and Drew McIntyre. The previously suspended 24/7 Title rules resumed following the match, and Truth was able to regain the title before the night ended.


The balance of Bianca Belair’s undefeated nature was destroyed after she was pinned for the first time in a long time by Mia Yim.


Moose was given alumni duty for the night. He and The North faced off against RVD, Tommy Dreamer, and Sabu in a match that gave the fans some ECW fan service. Moose followed up with a backstage spot announcing his independence due to lack of performance from past partners.

Speaking of fan service, the duo of Rich Swann and Willie Mack gave more than enough in their contest with Johnny Impact and Michael Elgin. That match seemed to last more than 15 mins and saw Swann land a closing Phoenix Splash to go home with a victory.