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Black Wrestla’ Recap 6/11


No one would expect Lana to match Naomi move for move, but she could take advantage early. The ravishing Russian did just that too. She and Naomi carried the majority of the mixed tag match that also featured Jimmy Uso and Aiden English. Overcoming the ground and pound strategy, Naomi managed to tag her husband into the match then offered him an assist when she landed a flying cross body to English. Lana made her way back to break up a pin and was on the other end of a flying double knees from the Uso-catapulted Naomi. Jimmy scored the match winning pin and the Texas Day One Ish couple made off in each others arms celebrating.

Where was Mr. Bootysworth when the Miz needed him? The SmackDown Money in the Bank competitors tagged up in the main event but not before some New Day antics back stage. In an effort to make amends with Mike, the trio extended an olive branch of pancake batter to the blindfolded gent. Rusev and Samoa Joe both planned to show the barons of pancakery that they were not with the fun and games. The turning point of the match came when Miz set out to make an example of Big E but accidentally tossed a plate of flap jacks in the face of his teammates. One midnight hour later and the the New Day reigned supreme once again.

Okay, it was only a short promo, but I am excited to see what they are about to do with Lio Rush. I am well aware that part of my bias is in the fact that you can tell that he and the Velveteen Dream are from the same city; you can hear it in his voice. My only issue was the fact that they showed the stacks of cash at the end near the end that really wasn’t needed.


It was all good about a week ago. Well more than a week to be honest. We came real close to having a Sasha Banks sighting without here sharing the scene with Bayley, but nope. When Alexa Bliss took off from the six woman tag match leaving Sasha and Ember Moon to fend of the Riott Squad, I was cool with a three on two beat down or a story of an over matched team enduring. Bayley’s music hit and she was tagged into the match to score a pin. To add some heat to the situation, Baron “The Constable” Corbin encouraged Kurt Angle to interrupt the celebration just before the Boss and Hugger could hug out the tension to tell them that Bayley got the team disqualified.

The head woman of Raw, Nia Jax, put on an expedition in front of her Money in the Bank opponent. To pour some sauce on it, she faced Ronda’s friend, Natalya. All was well till Natty attempted to spring a drop kick and tweaked her knee. Nia went on to win but was forced to stay away by Rhonda. That was it. Nothing else happened.

Congrats to Brian King for taking that call to appear on 205 Live, but he still came after seeing what he was there to do. That mission was to sell TJP while he gave his gripe with mic in hand. Get berated then tap out; sounds like an easy pay day to me.

We’re two week removed from the atrocious segment involving Bobby Lashley, Sami Zayn, and a couple of stand ins. There has been little improvement in this feud also. This week it was yet another mic chatter between the two, well more like chatter from Zayn to Lashley. I can see that Lashley has been given little to work with as a face. We know he can draw heat on the flip side. I’m ready for the day where they give him something to make us cheer for him.

Check back next week for the results of the number one contender match between Moose and Eli Drake.

Juice Robinson tagged with David Finlay in an under card bout during New Japan’s Dominion show. He staked his claim for the IWGP US Title when he dropped Jay White on his face and proceeded to grab the title for himself.


So we happened to see Titus Worldwide get an on air entrance before the tag team battle royal only to be eliminated during the commercial break. Welcome to the cooler.