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Black Wrestla’ Recap 6/25


Kurt Angle has announced that there will be some sort of multi-man match to determine the number one contender for the Universal Championship. Yes, we know that Roman Reigns feels some type of way about that news; I was not expecting to see Bobby Lashley’s smiling face so soon in this discussion. The Revival stepped in on the bickering to do Top Guy ish and challenged the Big Dog and Dominate One to a tag match. As Roman prepares to close the match, Lashley gets a blind tag to upstage him with a spear of his own to win the match. Hey everybody; there’s the Lashley spear.

The K Squared, Kenny King, continues to strive to get Austin Aries’s attention. His match with Chuckie T was a feel good show complete with fan interaction. Side note: if you have the opportunity to get a selfie with a performer, have your damn camera ready. The theme of hugging ran throughout the match as you saw the foreshadowing that one of these guys would use it to his advantage. King put his antics to the side to drop Taylor with a royal flush for the pin and win.

There is a lot to be said for opening up for a big event; this week’s NXT show featured contests that were recorded prior to the TakeOver event. The first of those was Bianca Belair making good on her promise to show Dakota Kai something. One would think I would be tired of seeing Belair dominate her competition, but this is a showcase of athletic prowess. I’m going to stand up for every one of her matches that features her talents; win or lose. The spring board vertical suplexes were super awesome.


And now, for the umpteenth time, we are getting to the meat of the beef with Sasha Banks and Bayley. Bayley extended the olive branch and requested Banks’s assistance in disposing of the Riott Squad. Cool idea except for the fact that it still ended up being three on two. Banks proved to be a great pickup again putting that work to the Squad. The third member naturally caused a distraction and threw the two into a tizzy. The after match antics seemed a bit par for the course until we returned from commercial. Bayley sought out the Boss for an explanation for leaving the ring; she got fisticuffs for efforts, and Sasha continued about her night. Still looking to have words, Bayley later encountered her friend in the parking lot where Sasha leaves her in the dust. To be continued next week with more fisticuffs.

It’s been about a month or longer since I’ve seen Shane Taylor on television. He’s still looking for beef in these streets, too. He invited Josh Woods to come get the continuation of an ass whooping from a few weeks ago. Taylor issued his standard beat down until Josh delivered the goods to take the advantage. It wasn’t enough when Shane got just the space he needed to land devastating punch (great sell by Woods) to seal the deal.

The Usos thought they were ready for the rawness that is SANity. Nah, they were not ready. The trio introduced themselves to the main roster by smacking the shit out of Jimmy and Jey. Damn Usos.

There was no briefcase for the New Day; then when we thought we may see one get a title shot (we never thought that), Big E was sent to face Daniel Bryan in the gauntlet match. Seeing the way the match ended. It would have been a greater spot to have him close with Rusev, but we can’t have everything we want like a grand slam champion.


The Dancin’ Dominican Dude aka No Way Jose came into the week fresh off avoiding a Curt Hawkins ambush. Someone went and found Mojo Rawley because we don’t want to forget he’s still with the company. A Jose – Mojo program could go over real well if there was a little work put into it. This match had none of that. It was so forgettable that I only remember that Mojo won.