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Black Wrestla’ Recap 7/13


Willie Mack stole the show’s opening match by putting away Trey, Jake Christ, and TJP. It wasn’t as quick a match as the pace was heavy, which is a bonus for Mack.

The team of Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz could not unseat the new Impact Tag Champs, the North, as pretty telling that LAX had to drop the titles earlier due to injury. It’s pretty possible that the Rascalz aren’t going anywhere soon, but this is Impact and another team can easily pop up from nowhere.

Moose and RVD put out a solid match. The promos the two did leading up to the event were nothing less than hilarious though. Nothing was at stake but bragging rights, so I count this as a filler till they show me more.

Someone in the writing room really loves Rich Swann, or they feel like he’s due. Either way, this match against Johnny Impact tells me alot about how they want him to be viewed. He’s held numerous televised main events, and now a certified defense against a former world champ must mean they want to showcase him as the X-Division leader.


Rey Mysterio makes a return to action looking for a challenge and gets just that in another return named Bobby Lashley. Lashley was fresh off taking that big spot that sent Braun off screen. He squashed Rey pretty quickly to set up a possible SummerSlam match up.

How easy was it to forget about the beatdown of No Way Jose last week? Real easy, yet this week he was set for some vengance against Cesaro. Jose served as the next springboard in Cesaro’s build.

Stepping back from back to back main events, Ricochet stepped up to challenge Luke Gallows after stating he’d bring the fight to AJ and the Club if need be. We didn’t get a 2-out-3 falls match for a change; what we got was a man doing double duty ala Kofi Kingston against Gallows and Anderson and getting jumped by the third, AJ.

We went another week without R-Truth retaining the 24/7 Championship. He did give pursuit and is still a main player in the storyline of the title. It remains to be seen how long he, Drake, Carmella, and Renee (when they gonna let her hit the ropes?) are going to go at it.

Hold up, that wasn’t a janitor that Shane McMahon chose as Roman Reign’s partner in the main event; that was Cedric Alexander. Ced rubbing elbows with main eventers has to lead to something soon, right?

SmackDown Live

Ember Moon apparently has to find a partner for a match against Fire and Desire; although, I don’t recall if that happened on air.

The SmackDown Tag match got a preview in a triple threat among Xavier Woods, Daniel Bryan, and Otis. Big E along with the remaining team members would be kicked from ringside after a few shenanigans. It wouldn’t be a big surprise if the New Day’s 6th reign was postponed a bit.

Kofi Kingston commented on him not shaking Samoa Joe’s hand last week. This may be the peak of the run; any victory over Joe serves a finally to a great run as champ. Because the big part isn’t the run, it’s the post title booking.


The Breakout Tourney put the first brother through when Jordan Myles (ACH) made it through the ringer that is Boa. The strikefest kept this entertaining.

They broke out the NXT Tag Champs in a title match. The Street Profits have been doing that work on Raw for the past two weeks, and followed that up with a successful defense against Oney and Lorcan.

Impact Wrestling

The “main event” pitted Kiera Hogan against Jordyn Grace and Madison Rayne in a three way contest. Hogan fought off the two for the majority of the match but ended up being the catylist for a possible Rayne heel turn. Stay tuned for the Rayne-Hogan teaming up soon, which would be bad.