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Black Wrestla’ Recap 7/23


Someone has to keep the Riott Squad relevant. With their figurehead injured, they are barely ahead of the now defunct Absolution. Enter Ember Moon; she has two consecutive victories over Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan is due up. Moon matched the power of Logan move for move and overcame Morgan’s presence for a time. That one slip gave Logan the opening she needed to score the run away pin. Looking vengeful rather than defeated, I would say that Ember will be back for more.

The night after defeating Roman Reigns, Bobby Lashley proved the foreshadowing to be correct in conquering his triple threat match. They almost got him lost with Seth Rollins and Elias; then again that could have been my point of view. I saw both Seth and Elias go through their move-sets while Lashley got his in where he could. Even the finish saw him stave off a curb stomp before hitting Elias with a spear.

The early match of the week had to be that Lio Rush and Akira Tozawa face off. There was high impact from Bell to Bell. Lio took the the gimmick jacking to be upstaged by Tozawa. Dipping and dodging was the tactical approach for the man of the hour. Color me surprised at the way Rush bounced back to land his signature splash. It seemed to signal a quick feud between the two.

The fact that four of the five teams in the six-man gauntlet match of ROH is noteworthy enough to file it as bad ass. Johnanthan Gresham and team of Alex Shelley and LSG two teams. First was the Dogs and their hired gun Shane Taylor. I was hoping for more damage from Taylor as I knew the Dogs had no chance of advancing. Gresham et al followed up with the handling of the Beer City Real Men before getting swamped by SoCal Uncensored. The highlight came when Kenny King debuted his new team featuring Eli Isom and Chuckie T. It was made known that Isom was that young man that sold dead during Super Card of Honor when he was jumped by the Dogs. Nonetheless, he got a bit of burn and ultimately the no. 1 contender sealing pin.


The trials of Bayley and Sasha Banks picks up this week with Bayley pleading her case to part ways with the Boss. After Kurt Angle threatened to trade one of the best friends to SmackDown, they were off to tag against Alicia Fox (Hey Foxy) and Dana Brooke. There was a little team work between the two until the Bayley beat down commenced. Sasha came to aid her partner causing the DQ. Afterwards, Sasha confirmed what we already knew; she can puts hands to Bayley but no one else can.

Akam and Rezar have a lot of ground to make up after being out of action. I’d say they’re getting some better burn beefing with Titus Worldwide (minus their statistician). That burn could be greatly improved by then having matches that take longer than it does for me to type this.

The call up of SANity gave all of us the wonderful opportunity to see Eric Young tangle with Kofi Kingston. The match was bridged by a commercial break, but Kofi and Eric brought an interesting dynamic that I wanted to see play out over a couple months.

R. Truth still doing comedy relief.