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Black Wrestla’ Recap 8/10

Impact! Wrestling

The Moose rage against meaningless matches picked right up where it left off. Fallah Bahh down to intervene to which Moose let loose some eyebrow raising insults before issuing a challenge. Bahh avoided an ambush and went on to defeat Moose rather quickly.

The Rascalz duo of Dezmond Xavier and Trey Miguel were set up for another tag title shot in the main event. You give Dez and Trey enough ring time, and you can guarantee plenty of big spots. Even though they didn’t gain the championship titles, the Rascalz won the day.

Ring of Honor

There was a Cheeseburger sighting when the Shinobi Shadow Squad participated in another six-man exhibition match. It is still impressive to see Eli Isolm display power with his signature driver where seems to power up on the lift and explode on the delivery.


Another week down, and another 24/7 Title claim for the one, R-Truth. It seemed he would actually pin a pregnant woman, but he ended up rolling up Mike Kanellis instead.

The back and forth between Cedric Alexander and Drew McIntyre was used as a smoke screen to set up Bray Wyatt catching another legend off guard and on a go home show for that matter.


The “Battle of the Challengers” was called a draw, but Ember Moon was essentially dominated by Natalya to the point that Bayley came down to intervene. Natty, for the second night, chose not to relenquish the Sharpshooter while Moon tried to fight out of the hold. Did this do much to further the story for either of the competitors?

The New Day (Xavier Woods and Big E) had a pretty standard performance against Daniel Bryan and Rowan in their non-title main event. The fact that neither team nor had been officially booked for Summer Slam left much to be desired considering this was the last show before the Showcase of the Summer. The match had no pay off other than to have that shot of Bryan and Rowan following the big backstage reveal.


Congrats on the commentary and storytelling surround the contract signing between the Street Profits and Undisputed Era. There wasn’t really much tipping of the hat to outcome of this match. Throw in the fact that there was no serious altercation during the segment, and it seems that this could go any way.