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Black Wrestla’ Recap 8/17

Impact Wrestling

The antagonization of Fallah Bahh picked right up where it left off. Take that back, it was racheted up a level after Moose pulled up on the man trying to enjoy a fresh salad. This doesn’t fit with the mission of being the big draw considering Bahh isn’t a top title contender.

A week ago, it was Madison Rayne taking credit for Kiera Hogan’s performance; Hogan flipped the script this week and said it was her that influenced Rayne. They stood off just before being ran off by Jordynne Grace.

TakeOver Toronto

The foils to Undisputed Era’s goal to capture all the gold in NXT, the Street Profits made their first TakeOver and third defense overall worth the watch. Big spot after big spot, the Profits ate up the moment to become a formidable tag team on the brand.

The second foil to the UE failed mission came in the forms of Velveteen Dream and Pete Dunne when they joined Roderick Strong in the triple threat for the North American Title. Dream made best of his fan favorite appeal to show some love to the Canadians and the City of Toronto with his entrance. While he didn’t steal the show, Dream did the work of a title defender and not letting his challengers get too much of a leg up on him.

Summer SuperCard

Ring of Honor had some flavor added to the Women of Honor Championship match as soon as Tasha Steelz hit the stage. She brought the tempo to Kelly Klien from bell to bell and even added her signature Okurr to the match so we could catch the announce team trying to say it. Klien would retain, but still a solid performance by both women.

The tension between Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham almost boiled over, but cooler heads prevailed. They stayed cool long enough for the duo to take a loss to Mark Haskins and Bandido in their high impact match.

The new Flip Gordon tallied an assist when he attacked Shane Taylor’s opponent before the match. Tracy Williams got patched up and came back only for Taylor to finish off the work that Flip started.

Summer Slam

The pre-show came in with Apollo Crews serving as a plug-and-play competitor for the Buddy Murphy catastrophe. Crews took the loss due to Erick Rowan running through the Aussie for telling Roman the wrong name on SmackDown last week.

The United States Championship remains around the waist of AJ Styles for another night; although Ricochet came in hot as a superhero, his comic book club was no match for the Only Club That Matters.

The most compelling match had to be Ember Moon’s challenge for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. The predictions from the crew were pretty mixed on this one, and it wasn’t until Bayley sprang up to deliver a supersized Bayley to Belly that it was clear who was going to walk away the winner.

Nothing said rushed and incomplete like the WWE Championship feud. Kofi Kingston has been defending that title left and right, but it was decided to use an old series as the driving force for this story. It is being sold as Kofi brutally attacked Randy Orton while completely omitting that the match ended in a double count out.


The bone for Ricochet came in the form of Elias. Both men didn’t have a great Summer Slam evening; it meant a lot getting Ricochet back on the up and up for the night. Elias would be down too long though, because he was fortunate enough to deliver a wicked guitar shot to R-Truth and claim the 24/7 Championship.

The 2018 Cedric Alexander made a brief appearance in the contest with Drew McIntyre. All things considered, Alexander held fort against a man who has held to his vow to reshape the WWE by force. Drew may have won but not before falling victim to a mean Lumbar Check.

Before R-Truth was caught by Elias, he was pinned by and pinned the Revival to add another 24/7 reign to his belt. He was bragging about this feat when said guitar struck him in the back.

It has been a Hot Girl Summer all over this sweet country, and it finally hit the WWE just after Natalya appeared to speak on her Summer Slam match. Sasha “Nicole” Banks at up all the love the crowd gave when she reappeared. They gave her more love as Sasha “Breanne” Banks dropped fist, knees, and feet to Nattie. The Hot Girl Summer continued to rain down when Becky Lynch came down to intervene. Sasha “Latoya” Banks gave her that work, too.

SmackDown Live

Charlotte Flair got a bit of payback on the aforementioned Ember Moon. There was no Bayley to run the interference to keep Flair from making the Shenom tap to the Figure Eight.

The New Day were booked to face the Revival before Randy Orton inserted himself in the match. Dawson and Wilder fulfilled their promise to teach the New Day a lesson; Orton, on the other hand, sent a message by delivering the RKO to each member of the trio.


The second biggest suprise of the week would probably be the rise of Jordan Myles. The upstart was put over in the Breakouts Tourney to earn that future championship shot, but which one will he choose?