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Black Wrestla’ Recap 8/20

Ring of Honor

So Cal Uncensored brought their normal amount of ruckus when they jumped the Briscoes following the champs’ tag match. Scorpio Sky ran the +1 going from brother to brother delivering chair shots. The clear message is that there is a tag title desire for the SCU.

The saga continues between Cheeseburger, Flip Gordon and Bully Ray. Cheese and Flip are joined by Josh Woods for what I’d like to call the Good Flippin’ Cheesburger to take on Bully, Shane Taylor, and Punishment Martinez. Since Flip got knocked the fuck out before the match, Cheese decided to challenge the three of the biggest power houses in ROH. Goods set out to squash his beef with Taylor and got Martinez instead. Cheese begged to get the tag as soon as Bully hit the ring. It was a nice run until Woods was taken out of the match. Enter Colt Cabana; fresh off the hot tag, Cabana would clear the ring causing all types of confusion. Back in the ring, Cheeseburger would be victimized by Taylor and rolled up for the 3-count. Bully and company would follow up with a beat down of their opponents until the once thought concussed Gordon comes back with a chair to clear them out. Cheese takes another loss to Bully at the end of it all.


Rhonda Rousey would get extra chummy with Ember Moon. Moon would be filling in for Natalya, who was absent due to passing of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Alexa Bliss would be flanked by the goddess of ivy, Alicia Fox. Ember had the juice for this match not to require the assistance of Rousey. Matter of fact, Rousey was not available to keep Fox from interfering and prompting the DQ. Alicia was selling the hell out of those hip tosses much better than the “hired” security guards.

Elias would hire out a fan boy to challenge Bobby Lashley for an opportunity to record with the drifter. Lashley laughed off the local artist and his fandom for Elias before catching a guitar to the back. “Bob” was not too impressed by getting surprise attacked yet again. That young patawan got ushered up out that ring so fast.

The disrespectful ones formed when The Authors of Pain joined Mojo Rawley versus their current foes in Titus Worldwide and Bobby Roode. Titus and Apollo came off as being guest stars in this match because this didn’t seem to do much for their running rivalry with AOP; it seemed more like Roode came to their aid and helped them score a badly needed “W”.

Next to the closing spot, Sasha Banks would seek to avenge the loss from the week before when she took on Ruby Riott. Bayley came down to support her friend and keep the rest of the Riott Squad out of the match. It wouldn’t take long for the shenanigans to get going when Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan got to antagonizing. Banks tried to manage the action on both sides of the rope before Riott caught her off guard long enough to score a roll up pin.

SmackDown Live

SAnitY would fire up another 6-man match with the New Day in preparation for a pancake powered title challenge at Summer Slam. It may have been Kofi’s day, but Xavier was clearly the star of this match. We’re long past the days of him staring at the Wyatt Family as if he was a deer in headlights. Woods pushed the envelope of the match all the way to the live up, up, down, down that would end the match. Woods smoothly transitioned out of his accidental pin attempt to lend way for Big E to punctuate the match.

You don’t understand how ageless Shelton Benjamin is until you see him in the ring conducting himself as if he’s young chap. He’s still hitting his mark without 1) killing himself and 2) killing his partner. Benjamin is still doing the work of being the middle man of a feud much like R-Truth did last week. And still, both he and Truth have some gas in the tank to carry any program. Benjamin accepted and executed the plan to push Jeff Hardy to the limit before his match in Brooklyn.

205 Live

They actually abbreviated “man of the hour” and put them on Lio Rush’s tights. He will be now known as MOTH. The GM mandated rematch with Akira Tozawa was as animated as a contest featuring two energetic competitors should. The speed at which Rush and Tozawa exchanged strikes and counters was break neck to say the lest. This rivalry should be put to bed for now with Rush getting another win, but this is one to come back to down the road when Rush has pick up more momentum.

The champ, Cedric Alexander, had to protect his neck from Jack Gallagher. The Englishman took his task of softening up Alexander very seriously by cinching in submission after submission until that Spanish fly caught him slipping. The rest of the Gulak crew would make their way down to the ring post match and cause Drew Gulak to slap on his Gu-lock as the show went off the air leaving Cedric with that distant look on his face.


Remember when 2018 was supposed to be the year of the Street Profits? Not much has happened for them outside of a quick tussle with AOP early in the year. They are now bumping heads with The Mighty, who’s going through a bit of a re-branding. Ford and Dawkins don’t care anything about that; they proceed to hand the mighty lashing that was requested. Amazingly, Dawkins kept those headbands on for most of the match. Montez Ford also dropped some mean clotheslines at one point in the match. This is a far cry from the year of the Street Profits though.

Speaking of lashing, Velveteen Dream didn’t expect EC3 to do him the way he did. This makes the second consecutive week where he was bested by his TakeOver opponent.

Lucha Underground

The world’s most dysfunctional tag team had plenty of room to grow apart. Killshot lobbied for a Gift of the Gods title match on the very same night that his team was scheduled to defend their Trios championship. Back stage, Son of Havoc lets the Mack know that he’s not fond of the way their partner treats him. Killshot informs him that he really don’t give a damn. Dragon Azteca Jr. puts on a show with Killshot in and out the ring. Killshot’s aggression wasn’t enough to become champion. The Trios title match would follow and the Reptile Tribe would be the challengers. Not surprisingly, Killshot was nowhere to be seen. It wasn’t until Jeremiah Snake and the crew had made waste of Son of Havoc and the Mack that Killshot would even make his presence known. There was a spot that saw all six competitors locked in a chain submission, centipede style. An inadvertent dive by Son of Havoc would send the hot shot into a frenzy and cause their team the titles.

Impact Wrestling

Jimmy Jacobs laid down the challenge to Johnny Impact to give Impact the path to a match with Kongo Kong. Impact got the surprise of all surprises when Kong ran up on him in front of him and his homies. Johnny would dispatch of Kong long enough to finally put Jacobs on the mat for 3 seconds.

TakeOver: Brooklyn 4

The Velveteen Dream and EC3 did not disappoint when the lights came on for their big match. Dream commands these TakeOver appearances, and this one was no different. Paying respect to Brooklyn’s own Notorious B.I.G., he donned Notorious D.R.E.A.M. on his tights among other messages and a Coogie-esque vest to the ring. He would bring the attack to EC3’s neck early on before dropping that high