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Black Wrestla’ Recap 8/6


Alicia Fox is back for another week of action. She had the champ in her corner to take on Natalya. I can dig Foxy as Alexa’s hired gun. She commenced to putting hands and feet to Natty while Rhonda Rousey looked on across the ring. Bliss would cause the match to end in a DQ and prompt Rousey to action. Fox would thwart an attempt at the arm bar then get a mean Samoan drop as payment. Outside the ring, Alexa is cornered by Rousey, and who comes to the rescue? Fox again; this time she handles Rhonda by tossing her in to the steps of all things. On one hand, I am excited to see Alicia get put over as such; on the other, I know this will be short lived.

Speaking of short lived, the teasing of a break between Sasha Banks and Bayley was anything but that. They now have a new name and similar gear leading one to believe they’re about to be some sort of tag team. Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan had been a thorn in their sides a few months back. This time around the Boss Hugger Connection were in sync. They became the third team I can think of that uses a combo of signatures as a finisher. There was a back stabber into Bayley to belly that sent the Riott Squad packing.

Co-opting was the name of the game for the Usos this week. They channeled their inner Rock and Roman Reigns before they were done with the stage. Their bid to challenge for the SmackDown Tag Titles would fall short after the loss to The Bar. Jey Uso climbed the hill early in the match before getting a hot tag to Jimmie, who would run through a myriad of the squad’s move set. The total match would span two commercial breaks before the daring team attempted a double splash on Sheamus only to be, one intercepted by a European uppercut, and blocked by the double knees. Sheamus would get the roll up and pin.

Amid the madness of the Uso and Bar match, the New Day had their own commentary table. No, they didn’t sit in with the SD team; they had their own alternate feed as if they were one of the positive version of the Spanish announce table. They kept the gig going even though their audio was not shared throughout the match. The madness would be patched in from time to time.


Only a week removed from taking a verbal lashing from Titus Worldwide, Akam represented the Authors of Pain in a singles match with Apollo Crews. Both men would trade spots getting the upper hand over again. The dust settled with Apollo getting a clean win. It is shocking really.

The Cruiserweight championship will be defended at Summer Slam making it the first appearance for the champ since the Greatest Money Grab in Saudi. The Brian Kendrick would face Cedric Alexander in an expedition to warm up the champ in front of his challenger. Drew Gulak would not get involved during the match which left Kendrick to put some fire to this feud. There was a mention of Alexander being undefeated this year that led me to believe something was going to pop off and more so with Jack Gallagher than BK pulling a win. To see that lumbar check come so quickly, let me know that Cedric is probably going to drop the strap in Brooklyn.

We know that the wedding bliss is pretty much a done deal; the Street Profits make a surprise appearance during the opening tag match of NXT.

Kiera Hogan made a brief appearance on Impact when she tagged with Allie. Sue Yung and the Undead Maid of Honor were in for a frenzy in the beginning. The ref finally ironed out the confusion and the match got going. Hogan would plant the Maid of Honor with her signature neckbreaker that continues to go unacknowledged by he announce team. To Allie went the credit for the win and the post match beating.