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Black Wrestla’ Recap 9/3


In an effort to show off his managerial prowess, Titus O’Neil booked Dana Brooke in a match with Sasha Banks. His idea was to showcase her as a competitor for the upcoming Evolution PPV. Sasha was not taking her opponent very seriously taking the opportunity to mock Titus Worldwide. She would take the best Dana had to offer before locking in a Banks Statement for the submission win. Apollo Crews gave Titus that “I told you so” while he consoled the statistician; it looks like the end of TW may be coming soon.

There’s a lot of commotion around the Raw Women’s championship. Alexa Bliss is still flanking Alicia Fox, but this week they’re joined by Mickie James for Fox versus Natalya. Rhonda Rousey and Trish Stratus added a lot of action to the ringside; none of that mattered because this was a convoluted squash match. Fox would tap to the Sharpshooter rather quickly.

Bobby Lashley is caught in feud limbo as it seems that nothing will happen between him and Elias. Corbin, though, still had a bit of beef following his defeat to the dominator last week. The acting commissioner used his booking authority to set Lashley up to take on the Ascension in a handicap match. This isn’t NXT Ascension; this is the constantly buried Ascension, which means they were not about to get on up on Lashley. Too bad too, because I hate seeing them being done this way. It was a complete shutout from Lashley.

SmackDown Live

I knew the “five-time” gimmick was coming; I did not expect to see King Booker this week though. The New Day celebrated their fifth title with a ceremony that only they could host. Booker’s surprise entrance was highlighted by the “knighting” of the New Day and Big E telling Booke that he was going Byron Saxon. Capping the segment off with a group of Spinaroonies was only customary.

R-Truth is still on a quest to pin Carmella. I don’t know if it’s funny, but it is damn sure creepy as hell.

The IIconics returned with words for Naomi again this week. Naomi has not been too shy for the mic but has not sounded off about her opponents and their constant badgering. For the second straight week, Naomi would outperform her opponent only to fall victim to interference and cheap shots to lose to Billie Kay.


There was a bit of retribution to be had from TakeOver. The Undisputed Era did not take too kindly to their boy Adam Cole dropping his title to Ricochet, and they planned to showcase when they tagged against the One and Only with Pete Dunn. To be honest, I didn’t really follow this match closely; I don’t even remember which members of UE were in the match. It was still beyond entertaining with the different styles of wrestling featured. The overzealous Ricochet took a shot to take out UE but caught his partner instead. His misstep would cost them the match when the opportunistic UE would scoop up Dunn for the 3-count and win. Just before Cole and crew could exact revenge on Ricochet, the War Raiders would intervene.

Lucha Underground

Wedding bells were in the air, but we had to get down to business with a No Mas match first. Jack Evans challenged XO Lishus to get the thorn out of his side. XO didn’t have time for Evans grandstanding and took the fight to him. The spent much of the match out on the floor trading shots with one another. Ivelisse would join the fray amid the chaos only to be told to have a seat. The physical nature of this match was pretty brutal; XO would sell Evans vicious attacks time and time again all while pulling off the blatant disrespect in his refusal to quit. Several submission attempts and chair spots later, Ivelisse would recover enough to snatch XO off a chair giving him the space he needed. XO executed a Cross Arm Breaker to the previously targeted arm of Evans to make that man call for quits. XO would rise victoriously and with heavy support from LU fans.