Black Wrestla’ Recap 9/11

This week was hella light considering that three shows didn’t even feature Black wrestlers in their main card. There were appearances and mentions with little character advancement. I want to peek into the future to see what it holds for some of my faves from the Mae Young Classic, and also there was a pause put on that Shelton Benjamin experiment this week. Just remember this: the double Northern Lights suplex was pretty boss.


I’m starting to dig the burn Jason Jordan is getting. Even though he could have gotten here without that dumb ass story line, the young man is making the best of his time with some main event guys without getting the rocket-to-the-top treatment we saw people like Ryback had. Putting on a quality match with the likes of Cena is a great way to slowly develop into a household name.

Nia Jax! Nia Jax! She keeps making me smile by proving that she doesn’t need to make any friends on her road to the summit of the Women’s Division. Like a real champ, she used Emma to get herself into the title picture at No Mercy and smooth burned that bridge after Emma’s usefulness had run out.


I understand the need to have Sasha Banks around in the Raw Women’s Title story. Can we not find another story for her if she does not regain the strap after her next shot?

Bianca Belair played her role in the second round of the Mae Young Classic; she proved to be a worthy adversary for the eventual finalist in Kairi Sane. Just let me find out she’s using real rope instead of Yaki to make that ponytail though. Those lashes were something vicious.


Smackdown Live featured nothing worthy of discussion this week. Who are they? GFW?

Unlike Belair, I don’t know what Nikki Savoy‘s role was in the second round. Sure, Candice LaRae was a smaller competitor, but the match didn’t seem to be any type of conflict for either competitor. Although it was a watchable match, it did nothing to boost LaRae into the semis. Nothing.

It’s good to know Cedric Alexander is still getting checks and working two nights a week. I hope there’s a travel stipend in there. Oh and Rich Swann wasn’t officially on the card, but with TJP in action, he was destined to get some face time.