Black Wrestla’ Recap 9/18

My eyes are smiling this week. Monday through Wednesday, there was something to enjoy from your favorite Black wrestlas. Then Thursday came, and the week ended on the sourest of notes. So in case you missed the entire week, I’d like to suggest you watch everything in reverse. I still haven’t added New Japan, ROH, or Lucha Underground to the rotation.


Do work young Jason Jordan. He got his shot at the Roman Reigns to prove that he’s not just some light work rookie. Is this Cena giving Roman the nod to push young talent? Any way, Jordan has a little not-so-ruthless aggression about him.

The New Day put a spin on their legacy as tag champs by claiming their fourth but without the use of the third member. There was hardly ever a moment when both members were in the match other than the beginning. The Usos laid out all of their tag team glory to secure a win only to come up short.

Although Naomi tapped out to Natty in bid to regain the Women’s Title, it was not all sour. Carmella and Elsworth provided the leverage needed to get Natalya the victory.

It’s a damn shame that Rich Swann and TJP put on a stellar match for a rather uninspired crowd in Vegas. Shuckin’ & jivin’ aside, Swann has the moves to lead the cruiserweights, but that would be great for another wrestla’.

Second to the New Day/Usos, we had another bit of Black-on-Black entertainment. The Street Profits and The Ealy Brothers come from two opposite ends of a spectrum. One is exciting and flashy; the other, powerful and direct. The Ealy’s have a ways to go before even becoming a force of NXT. They served as reasonable opponents for the upstarts. Dawkins’ 360 splash looks like a big man trying to score style points in a dunk contest; that thang was hella slow motion.


Sasha Banks competed in the standard one-on-one match with the other competitors on commentary that come with every fatal 4-way. Nothing to get you excited as she #GaveEmmaAChance to catch that L.

The World’s Second Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable, took the fight to the Hype Bros. WSGT pulled off some impressive tag moves, an upgrade from the last time we saw them, letting me know that there is way more to come from this tandem.

The man to be the face of the cruiserweights, Cedric Alexander, closed last week’s show. Fresh off destroying the division, Alexander faced Captain Hook aka The Brian Kendrick. Anytime we don’t see a lumbar check is a sad night add in the fact that this match was booked to turn Jack Gallaher, and it becomes all bad. Sign the good gentleman up for another lumbar check.


Residents to this section, Bobby Lashley had an unofficial fight with Moose to close Impact. For a former NFL guard, Moose does not move like hes pulling shit but a hamstring. Then you have Lashley, who has to be pushing 50, wearing a Future Legend tank. Legend of what? The geriatric wrestling federation? At this point, you should BE a legend. I’m not buying it.