Black Wrestla’ Recap 9/25

This week was jam packed with Blackness. There was a lot to celebrate and just as much to muddle over. All things considered, I don’t see how it was any different than views of the product in totality. I will say it later, but Cedric Alexander, Tamina, and Bianca Belair are my winners for the week.


Give us more Tamina…CRUSH! It is a fresh spin to have a bull in the women’s division china shop only to be guided by another woman. Get her out of the title picture for now, and feed her some mid-tier competition (not read “local talent”). Not everyone needs to be at the top.


This moment could be great for Cedric Alexander. He’s opposite two men in Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher, who are out to prove something to the rest of the cruiserweights. Having them pushing Alexander to the brink of explosion can build all competitors. He’s going to need to ramp up his aggression to match this newfound anger in Gallagher; by the way, those headbutts are vicious.


Jacqueline was the definition of a Black woman wrestla’ in my younger days. She was fit, fine, and fabulous in the ring. Someone went into the depths of my lust for her and molded Bianca Belair. My gawd, she was impressive with her bout with Lacey Evans on NXT. Her power moves are frightening, and I would not want to be looking up at her washboard abs after getting planted on the mat. I’m lying. I totally would love that. I’ll take a couple of ponytail lashes, too. Please and thank you.


The Velveteen Dream, that androgynous mofo, came out to let Aliester Black know that he could see through his facade. A black mask to his hand was his reward for his audacious move. True to Dream fashion, he shook it off wonderfully and made out of the ring.


Going into No Mercy, Nia Jax gets a chance to face off against her bestie and Raw Women’s Champ. Sasha Banks runs interference to make sure the champ doesn’t play chump and run off. We’ve seen Nia get a spot like this but never to get completely over as the top heel of the women’s division. We watched her lose another drop another spot in a convoluted match up. Sigh, I’ll wait for her chance to get over own her own.


Jason Jordan was fired up to show the Miz he’s no pushover. He even screwed his opponents by getting his TV dad to add the Miz-tourage to the no. 1 contenders’ match, and yes, he goes over to challenge for the Intercontinental Title at No Mercy. It’s a plus that he did “earn” his big spot on a main show. I’m content that he didn’t go over and claim the title. Take a few more losses to feed your motivation “son”.


The New Day is on a mellow mission for the past few weeks. The Hype Bros are on the road to a split, so let’s get another team to hand them this L just to piss Long Island Ice Z off. This was nothing more than a squash.


It’s time for Naomi to take a back seat to the other women in the division. Not surprising; this is standard pro wrestling practice. The silver lining is that she’s out here enjoying life on social media and blessing us with that glow. Right, she was involved in the fatal four-way for the shot at Natalya.


Oh shit, Apollo Crews is still around. They even used him to push the agenda with Curt Hawkins made up losing streak. All that momentum was for nothing since he lost to Elias at No Mercy.


Rich Swann and TJP are getting this thing we see with Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn and other friends. One more week of this? We already know they’re not getting a PPV spot anytime soon.