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Black Wrestla’ Recap MLK Day ’19


The time was here to align future opponents as teammates on Monday night. The Samoan women, Nia Jax and Tamina, were challenged by the Raw Women's Championship participants in Sasha Banks and Ronda Rousey. Banks would show up the champ by doing what she always does when facing Jax and Tamina, but eventually, Rousey would enter the match and score a submission victory. Following the match, Ronda would play the part of the well-meaning face and call Sasha a "classy loser." That didn't send them into any kind of physical confrontation somehow; it did, however, lead to Sasha storming out the ring.

Apollo Crews and No Way Jose were spotted backstage pandering for Braun Strowman's title shot. Neither showed his face during or after Vince's announcement.

The Assist Man should be the next label given to the Hype Man, Lio Rush. He managed to throw a wrinkle in Intercontinental Triple Treat match. The Almighty, Bobby Lashley, was recruited by Dean Ambrose to handle Seth Rollins; that would seem perfect considering Lashley's issues with Rollins last week. The extra presence of Rush paid dividends in giving Lashley the space he needed to remove Rollins from the match and pick up the title changing win.

SmackDown Live

The Man, Becky Lynch, was greeted by The New Day looking rather unimpressed by Heavy Machinery's concoction that was meant to be the breakfast of men. Not ones to miss an opportunity to make the most of screen time, the trio all offered a bit of humor before even saying a word, but it was the Mystikal lines that did it for me. "Somebody said you were looking for me!"

Naomi crashed Mandy Rose's attempt to break up a sound marriage after the scandalous one invited Jimmy Uso to her hotel room. I am assuming Jimmy looped his wife in on the invite or else why would she have made an appearance? There were several visuals worth remembering but not noting. This has been fun; I'm still looking for the payoff. It's a great opportunity to usher a new competitor in though.

205 Live

We come back a few weeks following Lio Rush dropping his opportunity to slide into the fatal four-way title match. He would naturally call out a member of the Lucha House Party being that he felt they cheated him. Rush and Lince Dorado put on one hell of a show; I didn't even realize that they took nearly half of the allotted time. Rush bounced back with a super Final Hour to seal his revenge.


Ready to live up to another bold claim, the Street Profits kick off the night against the up and coming Metro Brothers. A couple men would get slapped and Montez Ford pushed to the ground before a super-sized frog splash capped off the contest. The Forgotten Sons came down to show that they felt some type of way about the remarks from last week to set us back in motion with their feud.

The night was the first time we'd be honored to see Bianca Belair share the ring with Shayna Baszler. The war of words pales in comparison to what I expect the title match to present. The addition of Baszler's comrades leads me to believe that this will lead to some bigger moment real soon.

Here's a rule: when defending your friend's honor, it's not wise to take your eyes off the prize. That was the very lesson we were taught through the Keith Lee / Kassius Ohno bout. The two behemoths would exchange strong strikes and crash into one another from post to post. Just as soon as the ref got caught up in the action, Lee would show a moment of compassion or whatever only to fall victim to a low blow before going down for the count.

Impact! Wrestling

Brian Cage would wreck shop looking for answers to his title rematch, but Moose and Killer Cross would catch Johnny Impact slipping before he could answer the man. Just when you'd think it was over, the two would return with a spear by Moose that set up a later match between him and the Machine. Moose would take on the enraged man all on his own only to be destroyed. It wasn't a squash, but it was surgically done.

There was a Kiera Hogan sighting during her former friend's Allie's contest. Anytime there's a Kiera Hogan sighting is a great thing.

The X-Division Title reign of Rich Swann kicked off with a non-title match against one of the Rascalz, Trey Miguel. Rich continued to be Rich in a contest that didn't do much until after the bell. oVe would make another attempt to get Rich in their "jersey", but we would get no resolution in that regard.

Shine 56

The show opened with the energy of Trish Adora giving us love. That love turns quickly and not soon after the bell sounded. Dementia D'Rose took a bit of offense before the outside interference proves helpful. D'Rose set the tone for the night by distracting the ref so that her comrade can get in some cheap shots. Adora would find out like I did what W.O.A.D. is really all about with a sudden hip attack in the corner that ended the match. I almost forgot about the attack that Adora would put on the heavy sell game.

Just as the preceding match was ending in an epic fashion Holidead and her Twisted Sisterz partner ambushed Rainbow Bright. There was barely any time for victims to even collect themselves before it was announced that the tag title match was underway. Luscious Latasha spent the entire match in the ring with no way to tag her partner. All that while, Holidead and Thunder Rosa frequently tagged in and out; even when the ref didn't notice an exchange, it was nothing for them to switch roles. Priscilla Kelly and Santana, that preceding match, would return to ringside still in full brawl mode and cause the ref to turn away from the match. It was at this moment that the challengers struck gold by laying Holidead out and the ironwoman, Latasha, seizing the opportunity to score the win for her team and secure their first championship reign.

The Shine Nova Championship match became more than just an appearance of Kiera Hogan; she was the challenger. Her Cutie Pie pals would accompany her for encouragement and to get their Lio Rush assist game on. The plan was to get Aja Perera off her game in more ways than one. For instance, she would be struck with her own Nova title belt. It's all well and good to try to get an advantage for the win, but it was Aja's submission work that sent Hogan packing and her title back home with the rightful owner.