Black Wrestler Recap 8/14

Three big events on the horizon, and I came into the week hoping for some good things from our premier Black wrestlers. As it may be, I was let down again. The great thing is that nothing is lost. A little bit of attention to detail can rectify the inadequacies of the past few weeks. All we can do is hope.


By default, the Usos and the New Day get the nod again this week. After having a war of words leading into Battleground, the Summer Slam rematch has been highlighted by a bit of action. This time it was the New Day getting the drop on the challengers to dish out a bit of a refund for the ambush a few weeks ago.


Jason Jordan falls back to into the lukecool area being that we were sold to believe he would jump into the ring with one of the Miz’s flunkies. That was not to be since we needed to use someone to showcase Brock’s dominance. So who do we find to sub in? Some French-Canadian, Barry Horowitz-like jobber. He is the GM’s “son”; never forget that.

Both Nia Jax and Sasha Banks are going to face off again to determine the number one contender for the Raw Women’s Title. Yes, I know this is because of an unfortunate injury forcing the card to change, but this is a professional company. I won’t believe they couldn’t think of any other way to set up this title match. I’m withholding hope until after the final match. Good move by doing triple threat qualifying matches though. They tried.

The Smackdown Women’s division is so shallow with talent that the addition of the MITB briefcase just makes title contention murky. Rather than letting the holder run in the under current of the title picture, Naomi is faced with the a challenger in Natalya and Carmella. There seems to be little effort into B story outside of the weird interaction with Tamina and Lana. Every woman is a main eventer.

As much as I would like be excited for the Street Profits‘ debut, I’m going to wait until later to decide on them. WWE has a reputation for hyping talent only to give them a couple squash matches to work them out.

I won’t be getting the Dezmond Xavier versus ACH match, but Dez should put on a show at Destination X. ACH showed off some impressive moves and counter moves in his semifinal match. Don’t sleep on this momentum GFW; give him something over the next month to keep him hot.


We haven’t seen our boy No Way Jose but a few times in the last month. With Brooklyn upon us, he comes out to do the job to advance Andrade Almas’ story; I say this because I don’t recall any context to their beef other than Almas coming down to crash Jose’s winning celebration. That’s it, and I doubt he will seek any kind of retribution.

I’m gonna put 205 Live as a whole in this section because the two brothers, Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann, both did the job; while I understand that wins and losses mean little, I can easily be bought with a good reason to be watching a match. The did none of that this week. Okay, so Swann and TJP had a grudge match between former friends who have traded victories, but we don’t need another Sami Zayn/KO situation not with these two.

Bobby Lashley versus Matt Sydal in a Shot for Shot match. No need in wasting more characters on him.

Kongo Kong is just a beast with no path. Until he does, he will stay in the cellar.