646: Check This Out

In the latest NFL news, standout performances and shifting standings are taking center stage, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. Meanwhile, in the NBA, Coach Popovich’s silence amid booing becomes a noteworthy moment, showcasing leadership. College football delivers its own thrills as teams vie for supremacy. Shifting gears, Snoop Dogg opts for a smokeless approach, drawing attention in contrast to the Cassie and Diddy saga. On the entertainment front, “The Marvels” captures audience anticipation, while a peculiar incident leads to a man being sent to prison after being forgotten. In a more eclectic mix, Tasty Blacks’ rankings, Five Star Follow, and thigh tattoos provide diverse topics to explore in the cultural landscape.

645: Income and Voting

Tony provided a comprehensive update on his personal and professional life, highlighting a recent promotion and a more convenient location. He shared financial success from rideshare services, promoted his podcast “Doctor Brady’s Show,” and delved into his life journey, military service, and reflections on life decisions. The meeting covered diverse topics, including police brutality, NFL Week 11 analysis, income disparities in sports, voting issues in Mississippi, and financial burdens on men supporting families, showcasing Tony’s wide-ranging interests and perspectives.

644: Megan Thee Sad

In the 644th episode of the Doctor AbrACEive Show, we dive into the world of sports with updates on the latest NFL news and college football action, including the Michigan scandal that’s been making headlines. Shifting gears to the NBA, we discuss James Harden’s recent moves. In the entertainment segment, we groove to Meg Thee Stallion’s hot new track and explore the intriguing showdown between Sexyy Red and Khia. Plus, we’ll touch on Tasty Blacks’ ranking.

643: Leveling the Playing Field

In this podcast, Tony covers a wide range of topics, including the reboot of the site, NFL discussions touching on recent games, injuries, and trades, and the challenges of leveling the playing field in sports and education. He delves into the challenges facing the Olympics and the possibility of adding flag football. Tony also expresses his enthusiasm for the Max streaming platform, sharing upcoming content and addressing the age of cartoon characters, such as the Simpson’s. He raises concerns about state funding inequity for HBCU’s following a recent report and of the broader funding inequities in education, emphasizing the need for resources in disadvantaged areas. Additionally, Tony discusses the Tyrese Nichols case and advocates for a fair examination of the facts. He concludes by giving the Tasty Blacks rankings and a Thirst Days update

642: Big Mouth, Big Talk

Synopsis: In this uproarious episode of “The Doctor AbrACEive Show,” your host, Tony, tackles the most bizarre and hilarious happenings in the world of sports, entertainment, and pop culture. Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through the NFL, college football, Ronald Acuña Jr’s season, Netflix releases, Star Wars Ahsoka finale spoilers (don’t worry, we won’t give them away!), pro wrestling madness, the mysterious world of Barnyard Burgers, Australian retirement plans, and a brand new food ranking segment you won’t want to miss!