“Isn’t it funny how there hasn’t been ANY shootings since Trump’s been in office?! Just thinking that to myself this morning.. 🤔 (Any bad comments will get deleted, and you MIGHT just get un-friended!)”

This post crossed my eyes on this weekend, and my first action was to remove this person from my social media circle because I didn’t feel the need to read such during my daily laugh-and-point sessions. Then, I decided that maybe it was sarcasm because it would do that. Nope, I read the comments that made the cut only to see a bunch of cosigns and hi-fives that only justified my swift action. Being that this was Facebook, I didn’t unfriend this person for my own self-righteous reason.

I did a quick recap of shootings (I assuming mass shootings were the subject of focus because there has been at least 4 shootings a night in Memphis alone since the Inauguration) and cross referenced them with US Presidents. I have nothing to report because this is a stupid observation. Mass shooters could give a fuck about who is president. Many of them have psychological issues that no person can resolve by merely being POTUS. And even if that is true, this comment would lead to DJT being the “greatest” POTUS of all time because nearly every modern one has had to deal with some type of mass shooting. Mass shootings are as American as apple pie, and that is what is most important here.

This was clearly a case of one white woman, who works in an environment with a diverse group of people circling back to her whiteness. I know the deleted comments were from a variety of people. But question: why make this post to “weed” out friends when you can just block, unfriend, or use privacy settings to keep your thought in-house? Go ponder on that.

Oh there is some sauce for self-righteous Black people too. I’ll keep this one simple: stop juxtaposing Black success and achievements with Black people being deviant or criminal. This perpetuates the idea that Black people are deviant or criminal. Celebrate your happiness without being spiteful. Congratulations to your little one on his agricultural achievement, but quite frankly, that wouldn’t made waves with anyone regardless of his race, religion, sexual orientation, or whatever. People generally aren’t checking for ag news. Just be happy damn.

Why can people not escape the bullshit of the world? Aren’t there enough real world issues that we deal with daily? Beyonce announced that she’s pregnant, and there has been a concerted effort to silence, educate, or shame those who are excited. It’s funny to me that some of the same people trying to rain on this parade felt some type of way about the “I don’t want to see politics in football” folks. While these two examples are not tick for tack, they share the aspect of one crowd not wanting something to bleed over into their interests. Celebrity news is a part of media both traditional and social; so unless one is planning to take a hiatus from it, it’s expected that one the caliber of Beyonce is going to dominate the news for several days much the way that a Black player protesting Black issues during a sport that is played by primarily Black players would.

I’ll end on a positive note. My son was accepted into the intellectually gifted program at school after months of us urging them to test him. He came home so excited after his first day, and I could see that the program was keeping him engaged.

I also went ahead and made a repair on our car because I refused to take it to a mechanic and shell out more cash on a car that has been pretty much a lemon for the past 6 years. By the way, I still haven’t seen any of that money that the insurance company seeking to recoup.

My 9/10 basketball team won their first game, and the excitement in those kids’ eyes in seeing their work pay off was pretty rewarding. Although my 7/8 year old team suffered a crushing defeat again, I know that my biggest hurdle is gaining their attention. I have four more weeks to win that battle. That I will do.