The Crew

Tony aka Doctor AbrACEive

The mastermind behind the madness started listening to podcasts in 2011. Already attempting to blog, he was convinced to look into creating a podcast by the wild life of retail before long. The Doctor AbrACEive, a play on his frat name and rather rude take on common courtesy, was derived from the previous blog. 

Tony has been a fuckboy, an Uncle Tom, a simp, that weird dude, the loud nigga at the party, and some many other people you don't really want to befriend. Today, he's a bit more refined meaning that hope is never lost. 

Cam Wash

COO of the Doctorabraceive Network


just a guy who talks about random things... greatest MJ on the planet. sometimes talks in the 4th person. A.I.A. member. reckless talker.

K. Lawrence aka KLaw

I'm a Jackson State Alum living on the coast working for the shipyard down here. Just having fun on here.


On a mission, doing prophet type work. Paradise bird in my other life. 


I have been sent to this planet to capture the emotions of the beautiful people as well as the assholes for a competitive fee,a photographer that's me.

Los Evolution

Ole Miss Alumnus, Former Faculty/Staff | Analyst | Consultant | ΙΦΘ National Director of Technology | Poet | Gamer | @rebelbelleDani's hubby

Nikki T

Always stay gracious 😘Luke 1:37 R.I.P. Mom I wear red for you.

The AIA (Resident Crew Members) - The Fam

Amber P



Classick Material

Di Di


Fiq Blerdman

Kai Love

King Jerm