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Welcome to the space of the Wrasslin' Gods Podcast where we talk pro wrestling from our eyes. We're not a fanboy group but a group that loves all of the joy that comes with a great story. Tell us a story, and we'll tell you ours. 

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Wrasslin’ Gods Podcast

  • Wrasslin’ Gods 84: My Son Jason

    Live from the Manahattan Center and Doctor AbrACEive Studios, we bring you the wrestling news of the past month or so. We’re hot on Bobby Roode, The Club, The Miz, and my son Jason Jordan. Make 205 great again.   Twitter: @WrasslinGodsPod @LonzoHarrisJr @CamWash @DGR81MDJ    

  • Wrasslin’ Gods 83: Balor’s Rematch

    We are back with more flair for the dramatic. Impact and SmackDown are wearing us down with the main events. The women’s division in the WWE is getting packed with little sign of direction. What are they doing with Balor. Main event mid-carders. Rich Swann is out for now or good? The Dream is injured. […]

  • Wrasslin’ Gods 82: War Games

    Topics include: Anthem presents…; the Villainous Jay Lethal, Survivor Series fall out, the NXT card   Twitter: @WrasslinGodsPod @LonzoHarrisJr @CamWash

Posts from Dem Godz

  • Black Wrestla’ Recap 10/9

    I will take a week like the past one a lot more than not. Granted there was a bit of Blackness on every show I viewed. It can’t always be good (GFW), but improving each week should be goal for all of us. Fyah Alicia Fox is back y’all. They’re still flirting with her temperamental […]

  • Wrasslin Gods 66: The Baby Rumble

    We’re back after a week hiatus. Bound for Glory is recapped along with the developments at TNA. Yet another WWE event is upon us two weeks after that clash. Twitter: @WrasslinGodsPod @LonzoHarrisJr @CamWash

  • Wrasslin Gods 61: NXT Takes Over

    The highlights and low lights of the week plus the best showcase of wrasslin. Twitter: @WrasslinGodsPod @LonzoHarrisJr @CamWash @LosEvolution

  • Black Wrestla’ Recap 11/13

    There wasn’t even that much to discuss this week; hell, two shows didn’t even feature any Black performers. I don’t know why it took so long to get this recap completed. I blame Impact wrestling. Fyah Pump fake! Who? Who? Who else but the New Day could make a faux invasion so hot? They then […]

  • Wrasslin Gods 57: Original Brand Split

    The WWE Draft party is on. No party favors as we discuss the events leading into Battleground on Sunday. Who will be going where? Twitter: @WrasslinGodsPod @LonzoHarrisJr @CamWash @LosEvolution

  • Raw Recap 9/19

    Instantly, I remembered that I didn’t finish last week’s show, but saw all I needed in the rewind. Roman kicks things off, and what do you know, he’s still not getting any love from the fans. That or Darryl Johnston was in the building. Stephanie has no time for Roman’s complaints. She and Mick have […]