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Madden 22 League (Xbox One)


Sports deprived? We have a solution for you… THE DOCTOR ABRACEIVE LEAGUE. A league for anyone? Are you competitive? Got you. Wanna just have some fun? Got you. Want to take the crown and prize? Got you. Wanna just build a team from the bottom up and make your franchise relevant? You can do that here too. Season starts no later than October 31st. 

Speak up!

Let us know you want in by completing the League Entry Form

We will take entries until Oct. 31st. All others will be invited after the active season is completed.

Pay per Season

Entry fees:

  • One Season – FREE
  • Three Seasons – $10
  • Five Seasons – $20

Super Bowl Winners receive a cash prize and another free season.

Coach to Greatness

Coach Your Team to the Title

No ticket sales. Play your team’s weekly games and manage your team’s development to avoid the season-ending pink slip

Refer Your Crew and Come Ready to Bawl