Men’s Health Month

Good day fellas. You may not know this, but June is Men's Health Month.

What does this mean?

Well, we at the Doctor AbrACEive Network want to encourage you to focus on your health for the long run.

Why tho?

For a couple of reasons. Try these:

  • Women have historically out lived men for a variety of health reasons.
  • Several health related diseases cause death for men a lot higher rate.
  • It's not common to have healthy living promoted in your life, but you need to focus on it.
  • If you know deadly diseases can be prevent, why wouldn't you take steps to avoid them?

What do you need to do?

We want to encourage you to go and visit a physician this month; find out what if anything needs to be added to your routine to keep you around a bit longer. Take your dad, brother, cousin, uncle, nephew, or other men in your life.

Hit the gym or plan to exercise at least 3 days a week. Don't do it alone; call up the entourage. Look to participate in active events in your area. Get active!

Make an effort to wear blue on Fridays during the month. Tell other men about this cause. Get the word out.

We want to celebrate with you. Share your progress, and send pics by email to, text messages to (601) 884-0125, tweets to @DoctorAbrACEive, and hashtags using #MensHealthRRR.


Make a change for a better lifestyle.

Don't forget about your mental help. Talk to someone you trust; don't go through anything alone.