Monday Brain Dump

I had a series of thoughts to run through my head over the past few days. None of them were complete enough to warrant an entire post so I'll just run them off rapid fire style.


Not trying to call anyone stupid for their opinion, but this is stupid. The University of Southern Mississippi isn't an HBCU for many reasons, most notably because it was founded as a white only university keeping blacks out of the classrooms save a few janitors or whatever. In addition, USM falls behind Mississippi State in both number and percentage of black students. 

The interesting thing about these PWI vs HBCU debates among the educated, black and crazy is that they miss the point that black experiences at white institutions are merely stereotypical in nature. At an HBCU you can experience some non-stereotypical blackness with black people and not just because you're black. For example, being a black band geek at a white school probably means you're relegated to hanging with white band geeks due to the sheer lack of options when it comes to other black people. If you were able to connect with another black band geek, it's more than likely because the two of you are black and not because your blood runs warm for the brass section. 

I get it; you want to relive your days on the campus playing spades, partying on the yard, and turnin' up in the cafe. That's all cool, but there are a whole subsection of black students who didn't do any of that who also had managed their blackness in areas where there wasn't a lot of black faces to share the experience. I suppose black alums can find more ways to reconnect once they figure out that being black at a PWI wasn't all step shows, booty music, and sports. Don't get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with any of those. It's just that there is a significant number of alums who don't have much to remember in regards to them.


I saw Almost Christmas this weekend, and while it was not short on beautiful black women to thirst over, I was thoroughly entertained. I didn't care about the plot, the writing, or level of acting; I just needed to see some black people living on the big screen. Did I mention that there are several black actresses that caught my eye? There's Monique, Nicole Ari Parker, Gabrielle Union, Keri Hilson, Monica, and Kimberly Elise. There's a scene from the trailer with Gabby in that window that almost made me give her these two hands up in the air. That was until the football scene here...


Listen, when JB wiped the dust off KE's ass, I was a lil jealous. That split tho? It tipped the scales in favor of Kim until they hit me with another Gabby walkaway and another shot of her in an evening gown tipping them back to Gabby. Kim won these hands of praise though when she channeled her "mad black woman"

All the Thirst goes to Kimberly Elise
All the Thirst goes to Kimberly Elise

Just a smidgen shy of 50, Kimberly ain't no joke. Go see a full body pic of her in this red dress too. Lawd!!!


A debate broke out on the Fight for Fifteen protest on the behalf of food service workers receiving better pay for the work they do.  Don't get me wrong; I do understand that everyone has the right to their own opinion, but when your opinion is that people deserve substandard pay for work that you don't want to do, I see something seriously wrong with you. The "people should work hard to move up the ladder" excuse is pathetic because any educated person should be able to understand that even if that was possible, there are only so many spots up the ladder available. I don't see why it's cool for a person not to be able to live comfortably just because someone else doesn't value their work especially when that work is significant to the operation of the company or consumer's satisfaction. Secondly, I really can't vibe with people who are okay with oppressing others because they feel that it keeps the cost of living low. Like, really? You don't mind other people being broke as hell as long as you can still catch these deals?

I'll dig deeper into this on the next Off Da Grid  podcast.


Who knew how stress free one's life can be when there are no unreasonable holiday shoppers to encounter. I have overstated my joy in living this retired life. Each day, I realize more the things I will not tolerate in my next career without reasonable accommodations.