Raw Recap 10/24

Live from Minneapolis, MN

So now the Hell in a Cell matches are a triple main event? A double main event would be great if you’re not going to let the women flourish. The Rusev/Reigns match as a main event is questionable.

Jericho announces that the planned triple threat match including Seth, Kevin, and himself would be canceled because the List has been stolen. What a travesty. Kevin Owens vows to help find the List after the duo takes care of Rollins urging Jericho to get his head in the game. Stephanie also denies having the List but suggests that Kevin is right. Jericho is not hearing any of this. Seth Rollins seems to have stumbled upon said list and refuses to give it back before starting his own list. Jericho makes chase when Rollins takes the List backstage with him.

By the time we return, Rollins has given up the list before Stephanie cuts him off requesting he return it to Jericho. Jericho is invited to retrieve it from the locker room.

Enzo vs. Karl Anderson

Anderson and Gallows cuts the audio before Enzo and Cass could introduce themselves. What do you know? Enzo has a mic on his hand that works just fine. You know you’re over when the crowd can do your whole spill with no audio. Anderson lands a big spine buster before the first break and two kicks following it. Enzo uses his speed to take advantage for a while. Cass urges the ref to keep Gallows out of the match only to put boot to face giving Enzo the pin attempt for the win.

A greasy Rusev vows to be the most despicable of all in their title match. I don’t know why he was so greasy though.

Your tag team champs blessed the crowd with three $12 boxes of Booty-Os to their usual pop. At their direction, the WWE Universe some Cersei worthy shame for Sheamus minus the public nudity and hot garbage.

Sheamus and Cesaro vs. New Day

Kofi brings agility but is countered by the power of Cesaro. Sheamus fell victim to the unicorn stampede but rolled out before the move was completed.  Kofi gets worked over in the corner after several quick tags between his two opponents. Big E lands 3 belly to belly suplexes; Sheamus powers through the fury of moves. The match up of Kofi and Cesaro could be a great one on one feud if ever there was a day and some great writing. Sheamus and Cesaro put together enough team work to neutralize Kofi and kick it with E for the win.

Jericho is tearing the locker room apart looking for the list and disrespecting superstars in the process.

Dana Brooke vs. Bayley

Dana is granted her request for a rematch because she was irritated for being seen as an underdog. The challenge is actually for an arm wrestling match rather than an actual match. The fans echo my thoughts by chanting, “This is stupid!” Bayley, nursing a shoulder injury, steps up to take on Dana, a former weightlifting competitor, for what seemed to be a best 2 out of 3. Bayley delivers a B2B following Dana’s cheap shot. The segment did little for the feud and the show.

Y2J holds strong on not competing if he doesn’t find the List, and Steph one ups him by treating to suspend him he does not comply.

Curtis Axel is honest with us in his heartbreak for Bo. He’s back playing off his family legacy. The 3rd gen superstar challenges another 3rd gen in Bo. Axel is not like any other 3rd gen tech; he is not the best version.

Curtis Axel vs. Bo Dallas

Axel’s aggression gives him the advantage early . The Perfect son lands a perfect plex for a 2 count. The home town love is amazing; it would be nice if Axel could steal a…never mind Bo rolls him up for the win in front of the Henning home crowd.

Chris Jericho completes his search for the List; Braun Strowman doesn’t agree with Sami Zayn not being mentioned. Roman schools Rusev on what it means to square off in the cell.

Goldentruth and Mark Henry vs. Shining Stars with Titus O’Neil

We’re here with the Folex rematch. Primo and Epico exhibit sheer tag team skill with quick tags and double teams. Graves says R. Truth is still tryin to get a deal with No Limit. Sir, stop. Titus Brand > Steve Harvey Brand. The outside interference aids GT to a win.

Mick Foley plays up the women’s Hell in the Cell match then invites the competitors down. Both women are short on words; they are ready to sign the contract. Mick, of all people, is hesitant. He chooses to talk the women down as if that will work. It seems as if Charlotte is going to pop a blood vessel. This whole segment has the Universe and me uneasy. With two signatures, we’re about to have a boss (no pun intended) of a match.

TJP sits in for the upcoming match.

Brian Kendrick (no The) vs. Rich Swann

Swann’s split is cool, but he ain’t got shit on R. Truth. Swann is still getting the chance to put his skills on display. Perkins is so full of words as Swann puts in work. For what it’s worth, Swann scoring the pin is surprising.

KO speaks of having the most vicious performance in the cell. Let that sink in; think about how many over the top matches we’ve seen since its inception.

Braun Strowman vs. Sami Zayn

Strowman doesn’t see Zayn as real competition, but Sami baited the big man into a chase. Until, Strowman caught him diving out of the ring and smashed him against the guard rail. Zayn pops up like Sonic of one of them springs; Strowman decides to take it to the back instead of dishing some more pain.

Kendrick uses the “I got kids” reason for wanting the title. Frankly, that has only worked for two people so far, and one of them took it to the moon. BK figured that begging TJP to throw the match would be his new approach.

Brock and Paul make their way to the ring to address the challenge to Goldberg. I don’t have the writing skills to describe this segment, you will have to see it for yourself. (I learned later that Paul was trying to bait the Universe to have an overwhelming Goldberg chant, but it never happened leading to the segment being cut short.)

Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens

We watch the trio run in and out of the ring playing keep away until Seth and Jericho get started. For while, it is obvious that Jericho will work the ring while KO took the ring side. The Odd Couple work to keep Rollins down. Through all the fits, they maintain the advantage and attempt a double superplex. Seth manages to slip through and land a botched double powerbomb. It is ugly as hell. He won with a double pin. JeriKO continue their fits after the match attacking Rollins. We will go home with a apron powerbomb to Rollins and a drooling KO flashing the title for the Universe.