Raw Recap 9/19

Instantly, I remembered that I didn't finish last week's show, but saw all I needed in the rewind. Roman kicks things off, and what do you know, he's still not getting any love from the fans. That or Darryl Johnston was in the building. Stephanie has no time for Roman's complaints. She and Mick have decided to handle the outside interference. Long story short, Mick starts pandering; I don't know to whom though. We will see Seth in the ring with Rusev plus Roman and KO in a steel cage match. Mick made sure to book Roman vs. Rusev for the US Title seeing as it was the only title not spoken for as of this week.

Back stage, not only is Stephanie questioning Mick sanctioning a steel cage match days before the PPV, Rusev has no love for Mick after hearing the announcements about him and the dog and rat.

Rusev vs. The Rat, Rollins

Seth wastes no time getting to the high impact moves landing a blockbuster early on. A miss from the apron gave Rusev the upper hand. The two go back and forth exchanging speed and power moves before the first commercial break. More of the same once the broadcast returns until Rolins strung together a couple moves. The quickness of Rusev is on display after he counters a kick to the torso. The brute springs up catches with a knee to the gut. The architect gains his wits and goes airborne for several spots including two dives to the ringside. Rather than put one of the competitors over both men get counted out, but it doesn't end there. Rusev attempts to power bomb the rat through the announce table; he gets a flying press for his troubles.

Charlotte and Dana called in a replay expert to debate a double pin from last week ago and lobby for Sasha's challenge to be canceled. Mick takes the advice to heart and books a triple threat match. Poor Dana has done it again.

Sin Cara vs. Braun Strowman

The faceless one is the first superstar to get a rematch during Strowman's jobber run. Considering that the last contest ended in a count out, someone felt the need to get this pin on camera. There was nothing to write home about as Sin Cara was not able to muster any offense.

On my television, I get an ad for a WWE Live show in Tupelo that was happening as Raw was recording. Mind you this is the first time I've seen this commercial, even though the Raw Memphis promos have run since early August.

Bailey and Sasha vs. Charlotte and Poor Dana

Dana and Sasha lead off the match. Bailey is tagged in after a quick pin attempt by Sasha. The champ gets some work in the corner not long after entering the contest. Dana tries to interfere but gets launched out the ring. Ric's baby girl was well in control by the time the show returned. Eventually, Sasha fights to her corner for the hot tag. Bailey works both Charlotte and Dana over to a big pop from the crowd. Dana helps counter the belly to Bailey gaining her attention long enough for Charlotte to land a boot for the pin and win.

The Grizzlies players are in the building, and Vince Carter is so old! Dude looks like the inebriated chaperone taking these young guys to the wrasslin show. Seth acting like the disowned step child trying to find out why his stepdad isn't showing him any love.

Bo Dallas vs. Gary Graham

Save his tights, Graham has the look of a throwback wrestler. Matter of fact, his tights are something to the likeness of a 2K CAW. Bo has added his poet skills to the gimmick then proceeds to tear into his opponent. The Memphis faithful gave Graham a moment, sort of. Dallas lands a crossroads, which hasn't been renamed, to end the match. So what's the time period to take someone's finisher after they've left the company?

The CWC is recapped opening my eyes to something that was there all along. There was a bit of backlash to the cruiser weight belt being purple, but purple was the theme for the entire tournament. I know there are fans who feel some type of way, but you can't say they did not think this one through from a marketing stand point.

Sheamus vs. Cesaro

Cole saying that Sheamus was hanging with the Notre Dame football team for inspiration in this series was so irrelevant. The Celtic warrior comes out at a hectic pace looking to put his opponent away and end the series. Cesaro's quickness and power is always impressive as he gained the advantage. That standing drop kick to a man on the top turnbuckle is something that should have projected Cesaro to the championship level. The white noise on the apron was a good look for Sheamus even with the kick out. The two exchange huge spots with the most impressive being an Irish cross in to a back breaker. Cesaro continues to works the Cavalier-esque rebound with the neutralizer. Before Mick could get it out his mouth, I determined that the last match would be at Clash of Champions.

Jericho has me amped for the list of grievances against Foley; the rebuttal of Jericho's tendency to go shirtless with a scarf was pretty good. The list of Jericho brought out Enzo and Cass, one of whom was wearing some liquid shorts much like Jericho's pants. The Shining stars actually have resort brochures. Not bad for a team that was off TV for months following their reintroduction. You get the sense that a rumble is brewing by the time Anderson & Gallows comes down retort Xavier's plug. Wouldn't you know it, Sami was the catalyst that blew tempers over. 

New Day, Enzo & Cass, and Sami Zayn vs. Anderson & Gallows, Shining Stars, and Jericho

Quick tags were the name of the game initially then Luke Gallows landed a massive clothesline while the ref's back was turned. Anderson continues to master that spinebuster these days. Everyone seems to get off the apron at the same time to attend to Big E after being knocked down. Jericho set Epico up to fail when he dodged the helluva kick. Enzo gets the pin for the face squad while Jericho and the stupid idiots retreat to the ramp.

In introducing the cruiser weight division, Mick Foley totally tanks a famous quote. Gran Metalik is the crown jewel of lucha libre? The Brian Kendrick comes down looking like Corey Feldman; what the hell? But of course these guys were summoned down for a number one contender's match.

The Brian Kendrick vs. Gran Metalik vs. Rich Swann vs. Cedric Alexander

Alexander got a lot of ring time early while Feldman spends time on the floor. The Gran Metalik one leg middle rope launch was awesome. The amount of time Kenderick spent outside becomes so noticeable that I begin to wonder if this match was meant to put Alexander, Swann and Metalik over. Then the strangest thing happened; Kendrick won.

Roman vs. KO

KO avoided Roman's aggression by making a bee line for the cage door. It didn't take long before the two were engaged in fisticuffs in the middle of the ring though. The big guys exchanged moves to the point that I started waiting on the ball to drop. They even went "hockey fight" on one another. Then, I remembered that Owens' concern was having this match so close to Clash of Champions so why not include that in the way things played out. KO should be avoiding power moves and look to put Roman away quickly. The way Roman won isn't one for a man who was looking to seek to get even. So is it about winning matches or demonstrating dominance? Yes, Rusev came down naturally. You know if you wanted to stop Rusev from locking the cage, you could just hold the door open? What is he gonna do; assault an official? Rollins scales the cage like a pro while the champs just stand there as he dives off the top of the cage. And that's how the show ended.

P.S.: Nia Jax and Alicia Fox were announced for the Clash card.