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Revenge of the Blerds?

Lewis Skolnick Image result for john boyega
Gilbert Lowe Image result for lakeith stanfield
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Dudley “Booger” Dawson Image result for john david washington
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Betty Childs Image result for letitia wright
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Danny Burke Image result for oshea jackson jr
Frederick Aloysius “Ogre” Palowaski Image result for winston duke
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Dean Ulich Image result for david alan grier
Coach Harris Image result for ced the entertainer
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Best friends and blerds Lewis Skolnick and Gilbert Lowe enroll in Devereaux College to study computer science. The Alpha Mus, a fraternity that includes most of the Devereaux football team, carelessly burn down their own house, and urged by Coach Harris, take over the freshman dorms. Dean Ulich designates temporary living space in the gymnasium, and allows the freshmen to rush the fraternities. Lewis, Gilbert, and several other blerds fail to join fraternities, but are able to secure a dilapidated house near campus and repair it as a residence.

The Alpha Mus, led by star quarterback Stan Gable, are irked by the blerds’ success, and Stan sets his fellow members to pull pranks against the blerds. The blerds try to get campus police to help, but the campus cops are constrained by the Greek Council that adjudicates all such pranks, of which Stan is currently president. The blerds decide to seek membership on the Greek Council by joining a national fraternity. The only one that considers them is the fraternity Pi Rho Alpha (PiRhos), led by U.N. Jefferson. Jefferson is wary of their application but agrees to a probationary period. The blerds set up a large party with the Mu Kappa Beta sorority, similarly made up of blerds, including Gilbert’s girlfriend Judy, and invite Jefferson to attend. The party is dull until Booger provides them with loud kush. The Alpha Mus and the Beta Zeta Xi, the sorority which Stan’s girlfriend Betty Childs belongs to, then disrupt the party by bringing and releasing pigs. The nerds exact revenge on both groups by pulling similar pranks. Jefferson is impressed with the blerds’ tenacity and grants them full membership.

The blerds then appeal to the Council, but Gable is dismissive. The blerds realize the only way to get the Council to help is to put one of their own in as president, which they can do by winning the Greek Games during Homecoming. Partnering with the Mu Kappa Betas and using their extensive knowledge, the PiRhos compete strongly with the Alpha Mus/Beta Zeta Xis during the athletic events. At the charity fundraiser, the blerds heavily outsell the Alpha Mus by offering pies with naked pictures of Betty and other Beta Zeta Xis on the bottom. During this, Lewis, who has fallen in love with Betty, steals Stan’s IG and tricks Betty into meeting him at a club and woos her into engaging in sexual intercourse with him. She is surprised when Lewis reveals his member, and admits he was “wonderful”, and is not angry. Finally, the blerds dominate the musical competition with a video game themed musical production, winning the overall games. Lewis immediately nominates Gilbert as the new Council president.

Coach Harris lambastes the Alpha Mus for losing to the nerds, and Stan leads them in vandalizing the PiRhos house. The blerds become despondent, and Gilbert decides to barge into the middle of the Homecoming Pep Rally to address his complaints. The Alpha Mus try to stop him, but Jefferson and a group of national PiRhos arrive to intimidate the Alpha Mus, giving Gilbert the opportunity to give a rousing speech about standing up to discrimination. Lewis and the other PiRhos, many alumni, and Betty, who announces she is in love with a “blerd”, join in cheering Gilbert, soundly shaming the Alpha Mus. Dean Ulich instructs Coach Harris that the PiRhos will now live in the Alpha Mu house, while the Alpha Muswill live in the gym until they can repair the PiRho house.