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Sexiest Accents

Five of the Sexiest Accents

As an agent of lust, language can be one of the things that get me out of my boxers.

5. British

Grab a nice woman from England and listen to her tell you a tale of anything you are willing to hear. A few of my favorite British women also have an added flavor that will make me drool.

Hannah John-Kamen (Anlaby, UK)

4. Memphis

People tend to love southern accents in general even though each region offers a variation on that drawl that makes it distinctive. The Memphis lingo comes off pretty hard and still kind of enticing. It can come from the cuties or mamas with the golds in their mouths. Bonus points to the ones with the thigh or wrist tats. Either way, life long Memphis women have that special talent to say exactly what is needed to get the party started.

Tatyana, Y’all

3. New Orleans

Up front, this is not a Louisiana accent. This is specific to The Crescent City. Run up in one of those deep down NO neighborhoods and get you steppa, and she will show you something special. It don’t even matter the subject at hand she will make your ears moist with that sweet song of Nawlins twang.

2. Caribbean

Near the the top isn’t an accent as much as it is a modifier. Just as an adverb modifies an adjective, the Caribbean region puts some spice on top of nearly all languages spoken on the many islands. This is true for English, Spanish, French Dutch, and Creole; I’ve never heard a Russian speaking island gyal, but I’m sure the accent makes that language super sexy.

1. Jamaican

Let me stay on the island for the last one. Jamaican women can turn me stiff and melt me like butter with just a few words. English alone will do the trick, but then there’s Patois. Oh my goodness! I don’t need to know the tongue because it sends chills down my spine just by caressing my ears. I’m talking about a teenage boy finding out how much he appreciates a dirty magazine or nude site. My love language is found on the isle of Jamaica. Ohhhhh weeee.

British Sprinter Dina Asher-Smith and Jamaican Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce