So What Is the Point, Pt. 1

It was just last week that I was stewing after hearing yet another “woke” person saying that Black people watching the NFL are trash. I am not one too be bothered by people drawing their line in the sand on issues unless that line is illogical or ridiculous, yet in this issue, it is a bit annoying. I am annoyed for no other reason than I do not understand the end game of boycotting mainly because Colin Kaepernick has yet to be signed after a year of his protest. His protest prompted other players to join him in various ways but all to speak out about the unfair treatment of Blacks in this country.


I say I don’t understand the end game because it seems that some people feel that the reluctance of teams to extend an offer to Kaepernick is a play to silence this movement. Although it is a passive action to remove him from the discussion, it has done little to nothing to stop the momentum once his motivations were announced to all. It has continued the dialog that so many Blacks have among themselves; the American way is to find any and every way to discredit any groups’ push for civil treatment.


The boycotting of NFL games on the behalf of Colin Kaepernick, for me, did not prove effective because the reason he has remained unsigned is partially due to the fact that teams see him as a distraction. Feel however you like to feel, but professional teams across the board have stayed away from “distraction” athletes so this is nothing new to behold. Kaep was apparently aware of this as well as he announced that he would not continue his protest in the event that he was signed this year.


All of that is moot as of September 23, 2017. The man that I have tagged as fo’ five stirred the pot calling for players, who continued protesting in the absence of Kaep, to be suspended or fired. Continuing his trend of speaking directly to his base of backwards thinking supporters, fo’ five announced that kneeling and sitting is disrespectful to a piece of cloth that has been designed to represent a country on stolen land. His call to league officials, owners, and fans to demand that players stand only put more fuel to the fire that was smoldering in third week of the season. Because with Kaepernick off the field, there was no one person to target when mentioning players protesting. It truly became a game of look at this group of players taking a knee during the anthem. It really felt like folks wanted to make it go away by not addressing it.